Let's start off with thank you to all of the registered users and anons who were busy yesterday trying to undo all of the misleading edits.  It is extremely wonderful that there are people who do monitor this wiki to correct mistakes even though no one has told them that they needed to.  XGlass and I, along with other wiki readers, are very glad that you try so hard to make this wiki a better place.

However, there are some organized people who do, in the name of fun or any other reason, purposely change the information on this wiki to be incorrect, lewd, etc., etc.  No matter the reasoning, the rules on this wiki are very clear about what is and what is not permissible.  If you disagree, then I am sorry, but you should not be on a wiki that people use for knowledge and spread misinformation. 

We, the admins, do not want to protect every page and turn this wiki into a place where only registered users can edit.  The ideal wiki is one where any person can make a little edit to correct or update, to have fun in creating, not one where your every move has to be monitored by us.

To wrap this up, to people who come to this wiki to make it better, please keep up the great work and I hope it is as fun for you to make this a great library as it is for me.  And to those who would want to wreck this wiki, join us in making this wiki better, leave, or be banned.  Thank you for your cooperation.