With the New Year upon us, I think it is fitting to look back at our accomplishments this year and forward to the future.

Honestly, even I haven't been with this wiki a whole year, but so much has been done in a remarkably short time.  This wiki, back in May of 2012 was relatively empty.  There were a couple in-depth articles about Eren and titans, but not much of anything else.  You can check the records since they’re more accurate, but I remember going to the wiki to find out more about Shingeki no Kyojin and simply seeing everything so incomplete. 

I thought this place could use a lot of work and I started editing when I could.  However, as the months rolled by, more and more people came and dedicated large portions of their time and the wiki grew.  The chapters began being filled in; new character bios and relationships were put together, it was a radical development in every area.  Now, we have so much more than in the beginning, it is fascinating to come back every day and see what new has changed, what new has been made. 

The future looks promising as well.  The anime series is coming up and a live action movie for 2013 will definitely increase interest in this worthy manga and I hope the wiki will continue to grow and develop.

Thank you everyone who has come by and edited on this wiki even one time.  This was a monumental task, but everyone helped out, chipped a little off the block, and turned this wiki into what it is now.  I am so proud of this community for all the work they put in and you guys should be proud of what has been accomplished this year.

I look forward to what we will accomplish next year.  Once again, thank you for your hard work!  Please have a happy new year and best wishes to you all!