I would like to start and thank all the people who come to this wiki and are motivated enough to talk about potential changes to the site.  I am speaking to both sides of the present argument that Bertholdt Fubar's page contains a very large spoiler, namely, (and for those of you who do not like to be spoiled, don't read any further (: ) that Bertholdt Fubar is the Colossal Titan.

Whatever your stance on the issue is, please realize that this wiki cannot be the perfect library of information, capable of reading the minds of every person who has read this series and creating a perfect forum for discussion based on each individual's knowledge.  In other words, we cannot base this wiki's information on how far along every person is in the series-that's impossible.  Thus, most wikis will offer only up-to-date information in order to be as close to fair as possible.

While I do not enjoy having people being spoiled, this wiki does not have the power to stop people from looking for information and inadvertently come across something they did not intend to find OUTSIDE of this wiki.  Case in point, searching through Google.  I have rewritten Bertholdt's article so that you cannot see he is the Colossal Titan for a while, but frankly, Google is very good at finding accurate information and looking up the Colossal Titan will bring up Bertholdt's page.  I apologize, but we cannot stop Google from finding a substantial spoiler because that is their goal as a search engine-finding accurate truth.  The goal of this wiki is to serve as a forum for discussion and a library of the best information for Shingeki no Kyojin.  Our goals happened to match and they referred their search to us.

It wouldn't make much sense to split Bertholdt and the Colossal titan page either, because of the other Titan Shifter pages.  Really, the only reason that people complain about Reiner and Bertholdt is because their titan forms have an identified name-does anyone know the real name for Eren, Ymir or Annie's form?  Thus, if you type in "Colossal Titan" or "Armored Titan," the reader is probably willing to be spoiled, because they recognize they are searching a dangerous topic similar to "identity of the female-type titan."  If they were looking for Bertholdt, then yeah, it would be pretty bad to find out he is the Colossal Titan, but I have fixed that.

After reading this blog, I hope people will be more accepting of our decisions regarding Bertholdt Fubar.  The rest of the wiki and the editors are here for you to continue to talk to and debate finer points with.  It is sometimes an ugly process, but we will come out better able to serve our readers!  Thank you for reading, you may comment if you still have questions or concerns.