I mean, if that's the case, than she will be as "Alma Reiss".

To be honest and starting with, about this character who's the mother of a illegitimate child. I know the fact she did not care about her daughter and regretting her birth. I mean, I get it about her been killed for her not been nothing to do with Rod anyway, I mean he gets children with two wifes (first wife: 5 – second wife: 1). But there's a other thing, I feel like something that nobody talk about, like...Isn't Alma, an escort woman who became a lover to the lord, part of the Reiss family? I mean she IS married and bless a child with him, I mean, Rod has two wifes, like it can be a thing right? I mean, the family is just like the Jaeger family, both of them each has two wifes, who Grisha married to two woman.

If that's the case, than what wouldn't made her as "Alma Reiss". I mean, she tries to tell Rod that wasn't true about her been estated or nobody hear her name or the child. Because without Historia, the family would go exinct because of Grisha's killing. And if that works, then she is already a political member to the family. So why not with her have the same last name with others as Reiss? I mean, it dosen't mean she have to remain as a secret though she was sent away to the farmer where her family was, sometimes... But this is my option, because I was curious about her not been part of the Reiss family.

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