I'm slightly confused when I looked up the information and saw these statistics. I don't know where you got it, but I'm pretty sure in the official guidebook Shingeki no Kyojin INSIDE, these stats are different.

For example, Levi's stats (clockwise):

  1. 格闘術 (Battle skill): 11/10
  2. 行動力 (I don't know the precise English word for this, but it's an ability to take action; energy; fire; dynamism; leverage): 10/10
  3. 頭脳戦 (strategized mind): 8/10
  4. 協調性 (Cooperativeness): 2/10
  5. 潔癖性 (Clean-freak): 10/10

Oh, and by Irvin's evaluation, Levi gets an A++.

Mikasa's stats (clock wise):

  1. 格闘術 (Battle skill): 10/10
  2. 行動力: 9/10
  3. 頭脳戦 (strategized mind): 8/10
  4. 協調性 (Cooperativeness): 6/10
  5. 家族への想う (Thought for her family): 10/10

Mikasa gets an A+ in Keith Shadis's evaluation.