I know you guys have seen what I've done.

I know you guys have seen the screenshot I took.

I know you'll probably check this profile as well to get a glimpse of the asshole that just ruined your fun.

I'm sorry for getting into your business, but I want you guys to know that what you're doing is starting to get tiresome, pathetic, stupid, and just desperate. Desperate, because how badly do you guys need these notes and attention that you have to go around messing up with pages that people have worked so hard on?

But then to see that you guys aren't even feeling the tiniest bit sorry with everything you've done.

I look at your Twitter. I see how you laugh and tease and bully these people that protect this site.

I think you guys are living pretty sad lives to have to ruin something people work on just so you could feel good about yourselves. All these for a couple of notes and favorites, eh?


Please just stop. Thank you.