I am pretty sure this question has come to your mind that whether titans (yes,those from attack on titan)  can exist or not...

Well , I may say yes and no

YES because-

·         SCIENCE IS GOD-Our current technology is somehow capable of doing genetic  engineering..which is the science  of evolving a living organism which may help in generating a 3-5 feet tall animal or human(however human evolution may take years).

·         WE ARE HUMANS- it is said that humanity is the most superior  nationality in the world...which will also lead to  us getting the power to control titans afterall our technology is so advance that if titans exist ,it is them who will get wiped off as our brains are pretty smart to determine a titans weakness is present in its back neckline.

Spoiler -

·         If u have read the manga and seen season 3 u already know that titans were basically humans given this ability and those titans who are unconscious are basically generated by a serum injected into them,the serum reduces their consciousness and turns them into mindless titans.(the serum also evaporates when exposed to atmosphere according to anime)

·         It can also be possible if a country wants to take control over the world, it might wish to conduct such dangerous biochemical experiments leading to the evolution of a titan probably the attack titan..leading to outbreak of war..but  foolish of the country to conduct such a thing when now everyone one of us know titans' weakness.

NO, because-

·         Some things Really Are Not Possible- In the above point I only mentioned a slight possibility of attack titan but why not the founding titan or the war hammer titan? Because u see, i don't see any chance of evolving into a titan who controls the other mindless titans. Even we humans haven't discovered telepathy yet how come the mindless beings??

·         A Fairy Tale Is A Fairytale- In manga it was said that the powers were inherited from a devil by a human girl....hmm...sounds like a fairytale doesn't it? We humans are completely into the world made of science nor devils neither angels..

SO.... pretty much yes and pretty much no!

IN my opinion, they shouldn't exist even if they could because i love this world without them and if they ever did exist i am pretty sure  will save us.

btw,my first blog on this wiki;)

yours truly

Shuyad (talk) 11:21, August 16, 2020 (UTC)shuyadShuyad (talk) 11:21, August 16, 2020 (UTC)

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