Recently, I've been seeing a few noteworthy coincidences. I'm not sure if this is the translators having fun or on purpose, but it is quite amusing to find these patterns.

In Children of the Forest Mr. Blouse shares the spotlight with Nicolo. His birthday was November 9th, which was the date of the chapter's Japanese release. Last chapter, Floch brought Eren a cloak and has a semi-significant role. His birthday is October 8th, which coincides with the day the chapter was released in English. "Guides" was released in English a day after Hange's birthday, who has an important role in half of the chapter. "A Sound Argument" was released a week after Reiner's birthday, and the pattern cuts off there.

Then there is the situation with the A and V chapter titles. This streak ended with Guides and it lasted for 6 chapters:

These sorts of things don't happen every day. I wonder if Rico will make a return next chapter.**

* In the volume release, "Volunteers" is renamed to "Brave Volunteers".

** Rico did not make an appearance in Ignorance.