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  • The Humaniod Typhoon

    Hey SNK wiki ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    I noticed we have a few images of stuff that is completely unrelated to the wiki (such as meme's and an epic Guts ;D ).

    This could easely be avoided by uploading your image on Imageshack or on Photobucket and then copy the images URL and paste it where you want with the exact same results, except that it is in fact not uploaded on this wiki.

    P.S. I think we should delete the useless images.  

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  • The Humaniod Typhoon

    Soooooo first off I wanted to say that I'm back ^^ I had some page-loading problems with all wikia pages which disabled me to edit.

    Onto the main point.

    So apparently an anime-adaptation is about to be made (what a suprise, right?)  and it will be directed by Tetsuko Araki... That guy from... Nowhere..

    The director aside, let's look at the animation.

    OH MY FUCKING AMAZING GOD! The fluidity of the 3DMG is just perfect! We couldn't have hoped anything better on that part. 

    On a side note: the epic OST you hear in the trailer is composed by the same person who did the Ao No Exorc…

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