Soooooo first off I wanted to say that I'm back ^^ I had some page-loading problems with all wikia pages which disabled me to edit.

Onto the main point.

So apparently an anime-adaptation is about to be made (what a suprise, right?)  and it will be directed by Tetsuko Araki... That guy from... Nowhere..

The director aside, let's look at the animation.

OH MY FUCKING AMAZING GOD! The fluidity of the 3DMG is just perfect! We couldn't have hoped anything better on that part. 

On a side note: the epic OST you hear in the trailer is composed by the same person who did the Ao No Exorcist and Sengoku Basara OST's, so I await good tidings coming from that too!

However, a few thing to point out... No blood, meaning censuration, exactly as Loku told me... Anime's made recently have way more censuration then the older ones, and this is proof of it (a canonball shot into the stomach of a titan evokes a bit of smoke? Okay v_v)

Apart from that the trailer (from those 2 plot-related parts) follows the manga-storyline, but will the anime do it too? I honestly hope it does, but many anime adaptations change the story to their liking in order to still have the suprise element by watching it after you read the manga... let's hope it won't change the story at all >_>

At least the anime will probably attract some more people to the wiki and this might get one hell of a lively place.

Anyways, a big shout-out to Loku, she told about the anime adaptation and me most of this stuff here. She's the person to talk about everything anime related :)