It still feels too soon for the final season to be showing on Toonami & from what I can tell by the episode numbering in Japan this far my fears that this season will be rushed seem to be reality. I was hoping we would get the pace of Seasons 1&2 with Volumes 23-26 being given at least 10 full episodes that would have the 1st of 3 intro themes. A few months ago I was under the impression that this series could stretch a lot further, & I'm still wanting this final season to be at least 33 episodes in length. The Rumbling Arc (Volume 31 onward) needs to be at least 13 episodes & I wouldn't be opposed to using filler to extend this season to 36 Episodes. I'm still hoping for this final season to feel like a fully fleshed out epic. I'm going to be disappointed if this ends up only being 27 Total Episodes covering Volumes 23-34. I'm hoping that Chapter 138 won't be the end & that we end up getting a 35th Volume.

I got into this series back in 2014 & I've both read the manga & seen the anime. I remember back when Season 2 referred to Female Titan Arc & Clash of the Titans Arc was a manga exclusive continuation. I will say that Season 3A was really disappointing compared to the manga because of how rushed it was in the anime adaptation & it's a weird feeling to be about to watch The Final Season in English even though the manga is still ongoing. I thought the Pandemic would have delayed the Final Season a lot more than it actually has. I'm going to have to update this blog as the season progresses, although I get the feeling that this may not even finish this year.

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