So, this blog mainly goes out to the anons of the wiki, not all of you, cause most of you actually have common sense, but the rest of you (you know who you are) need to chill the hell out, calm the hell down, sit the hell down and enjoy the fucking series. Or..... turn off your computer, stop bloody trolling, turn it back on and actually CONTRIBUTE to the wiki instead of filling it up with Fairy Tail, I mean shit. :D

Okay for starters, YMIR IS FEMALE. Why?

  1. She has breasts
  2. Its stated in ch 38
  3. Femine voice
  4. Her lips

So if you wanna try to put all this he/she bollocks all over her page, I'm going to give you a block, you've been warned! 

Secondly, spolers. 2 warnings on the main page, if you're catching up to the series, STAY THE HELL AWAY, you've been warned, we aren't KH and we arent SAO, we don't put spoiler warnings on every single page, get it? No point in whining, you were spoiled, get over it. 

Lastly, before the fall. I swear to God, if I see anymore useless pages on 'Before the Fall' that person should be crapping themselves cause I am getting SO pissed with this crap, that I'm considering, just blocking them infinite, so heres the deal, if I you want to make a page on before the fall, be my guest, however, if its spam/trolling, expect a block and expect a VERY LONG ONE.

That's basically it, I think Kaitlyn gives you guys enough stick already.

Have a nice day!