Hai there, so its that time of the month, where I review the latest chapter of the series we all follow known as Attack on Titan. And I've gotta say, this chapter was mediorce, I've read better Naruto chapters by this. :/

For starters, is it me, or did the artwork get worse? Okay so what I found so bad about this chapter was the fact that it was all over the place and didn't even get to what everyone wanted to know. It was like....

You got kidnapped > You tried to escape > You see titan fodder > You start shouting > You calm down > Ymir acts badass > You start shouting again > Ymir starts talking to Reiner about shit you don't know > Random Ape Talk > Come to the dark side, we have cookies > You killed my mum > You should die a slow painful death > Ymir acts badass again > I'm a bloody child > Bertholtd is still quite > Hes a warrior, not a s soldier, get it right > Christa > They want some Christa > Oh Christa they love you > Ymir gets pussy whipped > Chapter ends 

Okay, that was from Eren's point of view and you can see why I think the chapter was all over the place. Nevertheless its the only average chapter I've ever seen Isayama-sama produce so my expectations for the series are still high up. Get well soon Isayama!!

  • Visuals- 6

Characters - 6

Enjoyment - 5

Plot - 6

Overall - 5.75/10, it was an okay chapter.