Hybrid vs Armored
LOVED THIS CHAPTER! For those who you who don't know, I'm a major fan of the seinen manga All Rounder Meguru, so is the author by the looks of it and he weaves MMA very well into the series. Me being a fighter and an otaku just made this chapter, brilliant for me!

As you know, I like to talk about the negetives other than the positives, so what was the negetive with this chapter?

  1. Beginning 
  2. Ending

The beginning flashback felt really out of place to me, yes I know, they taught Eren how to fight which played a significant role in the chapter. What made this worse for me was that we didn't actually see my beloved Annie and my beloved Mikasa go at it. Which was kind of a let down in my opinion.

Okay, when I say end, I mean THE VERY LAST PAGE, Berthold(t) interrupting my precious Titan fight. No seriously, it annoyed me how the collosal got involved. I'm guessing now, that Eren does indeed get kidnapped. 

In my opinon, the Breach Arc is still ongoing and is currently in its climax, the arc will end when either, they arrive safely within the walls or Eren arrives at the destination which the traitors have taken him to. I must say, this is one of the best arcs I've ever read.

Overal, I'm giving the chapter an 8/10, tell me what you thought of it and my review. Just a note, all things that weren't a negetive, were a positive. God bless!