Eren strikes the Female Titan
I was really hoping to save this review for tomorrow morning but I owed it to myself to make this review... only its not really a review, just me fangasming over this episode.

Anyway, this episode of Shingeki no Kyojin pretty much sets up how the series is gonna end, if you're a manga reader, you should have a rough idea of what I'l talking about. The should be pretty solid in my opinion, it should be open for a second season. On with the review.... Ho.... ly.... Shit, this episode of Attack on Titan pulled on my heart. Not in a sad kind of way, its like.... the way they used to soundtrack (Vogel im Kafig especially) really leaves an impact on you. In short, the Special Operations Squad pretty much has 2 members left, including Eren himself. The way the other 3 died was brutal, it was like "Oh wow, they're actually putting up a fight" hell no, one eye leads to total annihilation. I'm going to and still do miss Petra though.

So then we jump cut to Eren and we all have to be honest, there wasn't a single Attack on Titan fan who did not want Eren to kick her ass at this point, whether you had read the manga or not. And he actually puts up a really good fight backed up with amazing animation + Attack on Titan OST 1 (Attack on Titan) this made for one of the best battle scenes in anime history of anime. Is it me, or does the Female Titan have color of observation/the sharingan or something cause she was dodging those punches with ease. Then comes the scene when they're on top of each other and the dude breaks his arms (arms not hands) tryna punch this chick.

After a few rolls and a couple of stances, then comes the punch of the series (at least I think it was a punch) Female titan cuts straight through the nearby tree and the head of Eren and proceeds to eat him right in front of Eren Fangurl #1~ Mikasa. Which, as you can tell by her title, was not to pleased to see her boyfriend eaten. So she pursues the titan slicing it up and breaking her blades on that crystal stuff. Mikasa x Levi blah blah blah etc etc. And we end on a cliff hanger with this strange feeling in our chest that feels like that episode did not just happen.

So overall, I gotta give this episode a 9/10 would have been a 10 but the... erm... I don't give perfect scores.