The title says it all..... dat punch, wow, just wow. So yeah, lets get this (non) review started. Sweet and simple as always.

Anyway, in terms of character this episode was very good for:

  • Jean
  • Mikasa

Jean sees his fellow trainees being eaten by these Titans as he just sits there on the roof debating as to whether he should save them or not. He himself knows that he isn't like Mikasa, hes strong but not like, impeccable. So I think Jean starts to wonder and starts to question himself as to why he is in the situation in the first place.

Mikasa on the otherhand, is literally prepared to throw away her life, shes on the floor and this fat 15m class titan is stomping over to her. Just as this titan is about to grab her, she slices his hand and gets up. Remembering that in order to survive in the world, you must fight. She starts avoiding this Titan's swipes and fending for her life. Then we see another 15m class, but this one is more... built. Mikasa starts to remember her times with Eren and says something I really like "If I die, I can't remember you." Which is sweet I guess. But no, Mikasa isn't dying, the second titan delivers erm.... lemme show you

DAT PUNCH! Aside from the events leading up to it, it was exactly like the manga. The rogue titan continues to assult the fat titan and Mikasa describes it as "Reincarnation of mankinds anger" which was also very cool. Anyway rogue continues to walk on and scream and the trainees notice its ignoring them much to their confusion. Something happens with Armin, I think he was gonna commit suicide whilst the other trainees go on and leave him. Mikasa throws his blade away and BOOM. We have a titan face off between a 15m class and the Rogue Titan. And lord, what happens next, was sooo amazing, I came.

Some other stuff happened and that was the end of that. So... time to test out my new rating system.

  • Animation- 9
  • Plot- 8
  • Characters- 8
  • Voice Acting- 9
  • Enjoyment- 8
  • Overall- 8.4 out of 10 which means episode 7 of Shingeki no Kyojin was great!

Tell me what you thought of the episode, keep watching, keep reading, I'm XGlass Reflection telling you to keep editing! Have a nice day!