Hey guys!

Sorry, I've been semi-active these past few days and just to let you know SilenceInTheLibrary, I'M AWAKE.

So its been like what, a month since I last made a blog, and no, this isn't a review, this is a blog addressing the twitter vandals and how pissed off I am that try hards try so hard to "ruin" everything when everyone here can just undo a string of edits within a couple clicks, anyway, not the issue. 

I've been thinking about it ans after seeing the events that have taken place, anon edits will be disabled. Its not that I hate anons, its just that anons have been a fairly big problem to this wiki. Not all, some. So any anons reading this, make an account, unless you're under 13.

Oh and to those twitter vandals, enjoy your block, it'll last ya a very long time. See ya!