The description said we could use this for questions and I thought that was a better idea than flooding Reaper, Jo4n and Typhoon's message board with a string of questions. Also, I'd be able to have all the info in one spot instead of going back and forth between pages. So, in advance, if this isn't the right venue, sorry guys.

Anyway, I was looking around some other wikis a few days ago and I noticed that some of the bigger ones have pages for manga volumes. I started to make a page here, but I couldn't find a proper template for it. Going back to another wiki, I looked for the template they used and copied and pasted the info (I don't even know if you're allowed to do that. So, in a way my confusion may have saved me from some trouble if it turns out to be a no-no). I practised with it a little, mainly changing color values so it would match the theme here, but also leaving out stuff we didn't need and adding what we did. And that is when I realised I didn't know enough about creating and implementing new templates to officially make it a page yet. The bare bones of the one I tried out should still be in with the rest, but I need a more skilled eye to look over it and make sure that I haven't made the equivalent of a preschoolers coloring book and labelled it a template.