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This article is about the location. For the manga chapter, see Utgard Castle (Chapter).

Utgard Castle (ウトガルド城 Utogarudo-jō?) was an abandoned castle located within Wall Rose, close to its perimeter.[1]


The castle's first protection was a small set of walls that now were almost destroyed. After them, a pentagonal shaped wall surrounded the structure. These walls had square-shaped battlements over them. When the Survey Corps arrived, at least two of the five walls were completely broken. Although the exact height of the walls is unknown, they were several meters taller than a human being. Even so, some of the tallest Titans could climb them with ease.

Inside the walls, there was an empty courtyard with a small stable, two doors that communicate the interior part of the castle with the exterior and a stairway that communicates the ground with the Walls and the base of the towers.

The towers were the most prominent feature. They were the tallest part of the castle and were connected by a small bridge. One of them was broader and taller than the other, and had the same battlement as the pentagonal walls. The other was thinner and smaller, and its top part was destroyed when the Survey Corps found it.[2]


Clash of the Titans arc

The Survey Corps find Utgard Castle

The castle is first discovered when two squads from the Survey Corps come across each other while searching for a breach in Wall Rose. The decision is made to take refugee within the nearby castle, and rest until morning before resuming their patrol.[3] The group includes senior members Nanaba, Gelgar, Henning, and Lynne as well as several rookie members under their command - Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, Connie Springer, Krista Lenz, and Ymir.

Inside, they discover evidence of recent occupation and guess bandits must have used it, noting several mystery crates full of supplies.[4] The group gathers in an intact room, and attempt to get some rest while things are quiet. However, Connie brings up the mystery of his village and an argument breaks out when Ymir mocks him.[5] The senior officers set up a watch on top of the tower, and prepare for a long night.

At some point, Ymir sneaks away to look for food. She is confronted by Reiner, and they have a brief discussion before he notices her ability to read the strange characters on the supplies they found.[6] But before he can say anything more, the castle comes under attack by Titans able to function normally during the night. As the group gathers on the tower, they spot the Beast Titan walking past the castle and climbing Wall Rose. The four senior trainees go into battle, using the tower to successfully fight against the first wave of Titans.[7] Several smaller Titans break into the tower, and are fought off by the rookies at the cost of Reiner being seriously injured.

Lynne and Henning are both killed when the Beast Titan hurls several chunks of the Wall at Utgard's tower.[8] It then summons more Titans to attack the castle, before climbing over the Wall into the lost territory of Wall Maria. Nanaba and Gelgar continue to fight the Titans until their fuel and blades run out, at which point both are devoured by the horde.[9] Without any weapons or method of escape, the rookies can only wait atop the tower until dawn and prepare to die.

However, at dawn, Ymir makes the decision to reveal herself to have the power of the Titans and jumps off the tower to fight the other Titans.[10] During the battle, the tower is badly damaged and she prepares to sacrifice herself to prevent its destruction. Krista encourages her to destroy the tower instead, and Ymir tears it down before rescuing the others. The remaining Titans are buried in the rubble of the castle, but manage to climb back out and overwhelm Ymir. She is almost completely devoured, but Hange Zoë's squad arrives to rescue the survivors from the ruins of Utgard Castle.[11]


  • In Norse mythology, Utgard is the stronghold of the Giants.