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Varis (バリス Barisu?)[1] was a Survey Corps soldier who participated in the Raid on Liberio.[2]


Human form

Varis appeared to be a man of average height and build, with short light hair which he kept parted down the middle and a pronounced chin. He wore the standard Survey Corps uniform when stationed on Paradis, while switching to the darker Corps uniform for the raid on Liberio.


Varis was a very loyal and trusted member of the Survey Corps, being one of the few members trusted to help Levi Ackerman guard Zeke Yeager, and remaining loyal to his superiors even after other soldiers defected to become members of the Yeagerists. He was not, however, above indulging himself a bit while on duty, joining his fellow guards in convincing Levi to allow them to drink wine imported from Marley while they were guarding Zeke.


Marley arc

Varis arresting Eren

Varis is among the soldiers that take part in the attack on Liberio. After successfully recovering Eren Yeager, the Corps makes its retreat to Paradis using an airship. Varis is one of the soldiers who accompany Levi to discipline Eren, holding the man at gunpoint while Levi beats him.[3]

War for Paradis arc

Varis is among the soldiers chosen to help Levi guard Zeke Yeager in a Titan Forest away from Paradis's populace,[4][5] convincing Levi to allow them to take the wine confiscated from the Marleyan ships as well.[6]

Varis's Pure Titan attacks Levi

Over the course of a month, the soldiers continue guarding Zeke until Varis receives word that a terrorist cell led by Eren has assassinated Darius Zackly, and that they are demanding to be brought to Zeke's location. He brings the news to Levi, as well as the news that Dot Pixis has a plan to capture Eren while the Yeagerists are en route to Zeke's location and pass his powers on to someone else. Despite Varis's protests, Levi decides to instead have Zeke eaten so that he can no longer pose as a threat to them, and orders Varis to inform Pixis of the plan. However, as Varis is leaving Zeke uses his scream to activate his spinal fluid which had been laced in the wine the soldiers had been drinking, turning Varis and the other soldiers (except Levi) into Titans. Zeke orders the newly created Titans to kill Levi, but they are all killed by the captain in short order.[7]


  • Levi Ackerman - While their relationship was not fully explored, it is believed that Varis held Levi in high regards as his immediate superior. This level of respect was shared by Levi as well; as Varis tried to attack Levi after being transformed, the latter wondered if Varis was aware of his actions and harbored some regret on having to kill him.[8]

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