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Visit to the Industrial City arc is the third story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


After escaping Shiganshina District, both Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister are taken by Jorge Pikale to the area known as the Industrial City in order for them to keep away from the Military Police. While they travel, Kuklo learns of a fabled device that could hold the key in defeating the Titans; he resolves to join the Survey Corps and master the device. Meanwhile, Xavi is accepted as a member of the Military Police and is given a lead to where Sharle may currently be hiding, along with receiving his first mission.


Cover Number Title Release date
14 Visitors to the Industrial City
 (工場都市の来者 Kōjō Toshi no Raisha?)
November 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 14 CoverKuklo learns that the device has a fatal flaw: it can only move vertically which explains why the Survey Corps is unable to use it. The inventor was allegedly the only person who successfully killed a Titan, however, he lost his sight in battle and disappeared.

Kuklo and Cardina find themselves in the Industrial City. Sharle meets them and is delighted to see Kuklo again. Sharle shows them to a nearby factory where Kuklo and Cardina can stay. They are soon introduced to foreman Xenophon Harkimo. Jorge Pikale returns the device and after meeting Xenophon, Kuklo is motivated to join the Survey Corps.

Cover Number Title Release date
15 Visions of the Future
 (幻視の未来 Genshi no Mirai?)
December 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 15 CoverIn the dining hall, Kuklo notices how distant Sharle gets towards everyone. She then leaves in an aggravated manner. Sharle laments her behavior, all the while questioning Kuklo's resolve. Later, Sharle plans to destroy the Device but cannot bring herself to do it. Kuklo finds her in the foreman's workshop and apologizes. This leaves Sharle flustered and she starts crying. Kuklo embraces her for a brief moment and explains everything that happened.

Sharle asks Kuklo why he would still be interested in joining the Survey Corps after all the turmoil. He reveals that he loves everyone of the world and clarifies that everyone has emotions, expressing his gratitude towards Sharle. Sharle feels guilty about how Kuklo was treated by her family, however, Kuklo makes Sharle acknowledge that her family were still people with reasonable intentions. This realization for Kuklo drove his motive of joining the Survey Corps, as he fears that the Titans will one day overcome the innocent people of humanity. Cardina, Jorge, and Xenophon eavesdrop and feel threatened by this possibility.

Cover Number Title Release date
16 Thicket of Iron Bamboo
 (黒金の竹林 Kurogane no Chikurin?)
February 26, 2015
Before the Fall - Chapter 16 CoverThe next morning, Cardina realizes that most of his peers have not got any sleep, as they were kept up by Kuklo's alarming declaration the night before. Jorge plans on showing the group the iron bamboo before he departs. The group make their way across town as Xenophon informs the group about iron bamboo. They soon come across Military Police and asks for a permit to allow them to see the iron bamboo harvesting area. By doing so, Xenophon makes aliases for Kuklo and Cardina - "Klow" and "Carl," respectively.

Jorge states that the bamboo is immensely firm as it harvests metals from the soil and accumulates them in its growth, possibly forming a new sort of alloy. Kuklo acknowledges that even the "device" is made of iron bamboo, as the material is dense enough to kill Titans. Kuklo and Cardina learn that the Titans have a weak spot, which is how the alloy could be used to their advantage. This encourages Cardina to join Kuklo on becoming a soldier, and it motivates Sharle to be of service as Xenophon's apprentice.

Cover Number Title Release date
17 The Corps Collapses
 (潰乱の兵団 Kairan no Heidan?)
March 26, 2015
Before the Fall - Chapter 17 CoverJorge Pikale tells Kuklo, Cardina, and Sharle a story of the corps' first Titan capture fifteen years ago. Accompanying them was Sorum Humé, Carlo Pikale, and Angel Aaltonen. Angel's capture net is proven successful and the soldiers try to find a weak spot. They learn that the Titan does not feel pain, so they cut the Titan's arm open and discover that it has a nearly-identical anatomy to a human's. After they dismember the Titan, they acknowledge that its limbs grow back. Unable to find a weak spot, the corps resort to explosives. Even so, the Titan's limbs grow back. In a fit of rage, Angel drops an explosive at the Titan's head. Moments later, the corps are attacked by Titans. Amidst the commotion, the captured Titan breaks free and starts attacking.

Years later, they learn that one of the Titans which attacked the expedition was the one that broke into Shiganshina District. It receives the name Mammon, the embodiment of greed.

Cover Number Title Release date
18 Bacchanalia of Greed
 (強欲の狂宴 Gōyoku no Kyōen?)
April 25, 2015
Before the Fall - Chapter 18 CoverJorge continues telling his story.

Angel recognizes Mammon as the Titan that ate his partner, Corina. To ensure Angel's safety, Jorge sends Sorum off to retreat to Wall Maria with him. Eventually, the whole of the corps retreat but Angel's horse gives out. Sorum decides to distract Mammon but falls off his horse and breaks his leg. Angel comes back to retrieve him and gets Sorum on his horse. Sorum takes Angel's bomb and says his final words, then sacrifices himself by falling off Angel's horse. He is picked up by Mammon and the lower part of his body is crushed. Sorum musters his strength to detonate the bomb by sacrificing himself.

Cover Number Title Release date
19 Oath in the Bamboo Thicket
 (竹林の誓い Chikurin no Chikai?)
May 25, 2015
Before the Fall - Chapter 19 CoverIn Jorge's story, Sorum sacrifices himself by detonating Angel's bomb in-hand. The explosion is so powerful Mammon's head falls off. Unlike previous attempts, Mammon actually dies in the explosion. Sorum is the first human to kill a Titan, however, the official report shrouds the true story. Regardless, Sorum's death holds meaning to the corps because he had struck the Titans' weak spot in order for Mammon to die. Under regular circumstances it would be impossible to reach a Titan's neck, however, Angel invents the Device that can make such acts possible. The government does not listen to their ideas and considers disbanding the Survey Corps. However, before that, the corps decide to hold an unauthorized expedition to prove that Titans can be killed. It is Angel who eventually discovers the Titan's weak spot at the nape of the neck, but he disappears. Jorge is given the title instead, and he reluctantly accepts it. Jorge wraps up his story and expresses hope for Kuklo, and departs. He warns them that they should not leave the city for another three months.

Kuklo and Cardina rest for the night and Sharle comes in with tea. Cardina leaves them alone and Sharle confronts Kuklo with a matter that has been bothering her. Kuklo admits that he is unsure how to react at the death of a family member - Sharle hears this and reassures him that she can be his family. Elsewhere, Xavi Inocencio gives his report.

Cover Number Title Release date
20 The Quickening of Ambition
 (野望の胎動 Yabō no Taidō?)
June 26, 2015
Before the Fall - Chapter 20 CoverSuperintendent Barden summons Xavi to his office, and Gloria Bernhart reveals that he will be completing his training two years early due to his exemplary skills. Meanwhile, in the Industrial City, Sharle is working hard in the workshops and Xenophon watches her, scolding her constructively. The other workers comment on Sharle and Xenophon's progress, and wonder what "Klow" and "Carl" are doing. Kuklo and Cardina are out on the grounds training with their newly-modified devices and show some improvement.

Within Wall Sheena, Xavi is courted by Brenke who discusses the family business's success with him. Brenke also informs Xavi that Sharle was rumored to be spotted in the Industrial City, but Brenke disregards the thought and leaves. Xavi talks with his butler Rixner and they consider the possibility of finding Sharle there. Rixner whispers a plan in Xavi's ear, and he encourages Rixner to put it to action.