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Quote1.png Very well. I will agree to inherit the Beast Titan. So long as the Earth-shaking is necessary to our continued existence. Quote2.png
— Historia Reiss accepts Zeke Yeager's plan

Visitor (来客 Raikyaku?) is the 1st chapter of the 27th volume and the 107th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Hange visits Eren inside of his cell and recalls two years prior, when Kiyomi visited Paradis Island. Kiyomi reveals that Mikasa is a descendant of a shogun. The military then have a meeting with her. She explains that Zeke had brought them together. Zeke had told her of his true allegiances, having always been loyal to the Eldian Restorationists, despite appearances. He offers Hizuru the opportunity to exploit the resources under Paradis in exchange for their cooperation in his secret plan. Kiyomi divulges the details of this plan: to display the destructive potential of the Earth-shaking, to spend 50 years modernizing Paradis, and to have Historia succeed Zeke as the Beast Titan, bearing as many royal-blooded children as possible. Eren disagrees with the plan, although Historia reluctantly accepts.

Hange admits that they had found no solution, and questions Eren for acting alone. Eren reacts violently, explaining Hange has no power over him or Zeke, before grabbing Hange's collar, asking Hange what they can do. At the graveyard, Niccolo, Jean, Connie, and Mikasa talk about Sasha before meeting with her family. The Anti-Marleyan Volunteers give Titan injections to Pixis, though he has them arrested due to the current uncertainty around them. Zeke is taken to a Forest of Giant Trees to be held captive. Gabi fakes a seizure, and knocks out the investigating guard, before escaping the prison with Falco. Reiner awakes, wondering where the two children are, and Historia sits outside in a rocking chair, visibly pregnant, when a man implores her to go indoors.


Mikasa reveals her mark of the Asian clan

As Eren cleans himself up, Hange visits him in his cell and asks what he is doing. Hange claims to have heard Eren saying "fight, fight" to himself. Not getting any response, Hange tries to change the subject and notes Eren's new hair, but Eren bluntly asks what Hange is here for. Hange reflects back two years ago when the Survey Corps met with the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. Despite completing the harbor and increasing goodwill between both sides, Levi still refuses for them to meet with Eren. Soon, a ship arrived bringing Kiyomi Azumabito; Mikasa is jarred to see how much she reminds her of her mother. Later in a meeting, Kiyomi shows a seal showing her bloodline, the same one that Mikasa has tattooed on her wrist. Despite some reservations, Mikasa reveals it and confirms her heritage.

Kiyomi states that her ancestors were allied with the Eldian Empire due to friendly relations with the Fritz family and the shogun of the nation of Hizuru. When King Fritz relocated to Paradis, the nation's reception plummeted and did not improve over the years. She tells Mikasa that she is the hope for the nation of Hizuru. During a break in the meeting, some members of the military express their doubts, but Dot Pixis says for now, they will have to go along with them. When they reconvene, Kiyomi notes that it truly is a historic day for both sides, bringing up a discussion she had with Zeke Yeager. He goes into his reasons for wishing to meet, as well as why he reported his parents to the Marleyan government; as a token of his friendship, he presents part of the vertical maneuvering equipment to Kiyomi.

Kiyomi meets with Zeke

Kiyomi mentions the island is roughly a hundred years technologically behind the rest of the world; she refers to the ability to "rumble the world" and goes over three procedures Paradis must perform in order to protect themselves while they catch up with Marley and the other nations: showing the world the destructive potential Paradis is capable of, the involvement of Hizuru to help boost military involvement and finally, the continued possession of the Founding Titan. Due to Zeke possessing royal blood, the final procedure would require Historia to become the next holder of the Beast Titan and also to bear as many children as possible to continue the bloodline and ensure the safety of Paradis for at least fifty years. After thinking it over, Historia agrees; this prompts Eren to refuse to accept Zeke's plan and for them to consider all the options before deciding. Kiyomi understands and agrees to act as a mediator for Zeke.

Eren assaults Hange

Back in the present, Hange says they have not found another option; with Zeke's tenure ending and Marley planning to attack sooner than expected, Hange again places the blame on the incoming attack on Eren for acting alone. Eren ignores Hange and reminds them that he consumed the War Hammer Titan and can free himself at anytime. He turns to face Hange and says they cannot kill Zeke either. Grabbing them by the collar, Eren slams Hange against the bars, screaming at them if there is another way. Hange frees themselves and calls Eren a rebellious pervert. Leaving, Hange is overwhelmed and states the only mistake Erwin ever made was making them the new commander of the Survey Corps.

As Mikasa mourns Sasha at her grave, a commotion breaks out when a member of the Military Police attacks Niccolo for visiting the graveyard. He tearfully asks if it is true Sasha died; Connie and Jean confirm it. Then, Sasha's family approaches their daughter's grave. Niccolo mentions to Sasha's father that she appreciated his food more than anyone, and offers to cook for him as well.

In the capital, Yelena and the other volunteer members hand over the Titan serums they were able to obtain from Marley before being detained by the Garrison at gunpoint. Dot Pixis apologizes for Paradis' shortcomings but asserts they cannot let Zeke be left to do as he wishes.

Historia is asked to be careful with her body

Levi brings Zeke to the Titan forest, mentioning that it is appropriate accommodations for him. Zeke asks Levi if he could show Falco and Gabi this; Levi merely responds that Zeke's actions will depend on it.

Gabi is seen in her cell apparently suffering from a seizure and Falco asks the guard for help. Opening the door, the guard is beaten by Gabi with a brick dislodged from the floor. Escaping, Gabi aims to return to Marley, ignoring Falco and stating she cannot even trust Zeke anymore. In Marley, Reiner awakens and sees both Pieck and Galliard by his bed; he asks where both Falco and Gabi are.

Back on Paradis, Historia sits on a rocking chair and is seen to be visibly pregnant. A man comes outside and insists that she come inside, noting she must be more careful with her body.

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  • The logos on Gabi and Falco's guard's uniform switch between the Garrison and Survey Corps's logos.