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Visitors to the Industrial City (工場都市の来者 Kōjō Toshi no Raisha?) is the 1st chapter of the 5th volume and the 14th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo learns that the device has a fatal flaw: it can only move vertically which explains why the Survey Corps is unable to use it. The inventor was allegedly the only person who successfully killed a Titan, however, he lost his sight in battle and disappeared.

Kuklo and Cardina find themselves in the Industrial City. Sharle meets them and is delighted to see Kuklo again. Sharle shows them to a nearby factory where Kuklo and Cardina can stay. They are soon introduced to foreman Xenophon Harkimo. Jorge Pikale returns the device and after meeting Xenophon, Kuklo is motivated to join the Survey Corps.


The three arrive to the Industrial City

Kuklo continues to stare in awe at the device, marveling that it was used to defeat a Titan. As they ride, Jorge Pikale explains that the device was meant for traveling to high-up places, and that he himself added a handle to its wires in order to use it as a makeshift elevator. Kuklo, remembering his experiences on the Survey Corps' expedition, asks why they are forced to fight with only swords and horses, without the help of the device, and Jorge explains that the device only moves vertically, making it useless against Titans which can move in all directions. Kuklo, confused asks about when Jorge used the device to kill a Titan, and Jorge reveals, to Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister's shock, that he was not the one who defeated a Titan with the device. Jorge reveals that the one who truly bested a Titan with the device was its inventor Angel Aaltonen who, to Kuklo and Cardina's amazement, was not a soldier, but a normal craftsman. Cardina inquires as to what the inventor is currently doing, and Jorge reveals that, after his eyes were damaged in battle, the inventor disappeared, which led to a halt in the development of his invention.

Cardina introduces himself to Sharle

After passing through Trost District, the three finally arrive at the Industrial City. As they enter the city, Cardina and Kuklo observe that the Military Police Brigade seems to be on high alert for some reason. Jorge explains that this is because the Industrial City manufactures all of the weapons and equipment for the Military, and Cardina observes that the city is meant to protect against the Titan Cult and other such organizations. Kuklo asks Jorge what job his friend does in the city, but Jorge's explanation is interrupted by the arrival of Sharle Inocencio, who is thrilled to see Kuklo. As Kuklo and Sharle reunite, Cardina introduces himself, assuring Sharle that he wants to become her friend, now that their engagement has been cancelled.

Entering a nearby factory, Sharle greets some of the workers as they go to the foreman's office, and Jorge notes that she seems to have been accepted by the workers. Entering the foreman's office, Kuklo observes shelves filled with unfinished copies of the device, as Sharle goes to wake up a man sleeping in the middle of the room. Jorge introduces Cardina and Kuklo to the man, Xenophon Harkimo, as the manager and foreman of the workshop they will be staying in. As Jorge returns his device to Xenophon, he informs the man of his rescue of Kuklo and Cardina with it, and Xenophon welcomes Kuklo to the workshop.

Xenophon examines Kuklo and Cardina

As Xenophon begins to examine Kuklo, Cardina introduces himself, and Xenophon asks the two boys to hold out their arms. After inspecting the both of them, Xenophon asks Jorge if they will both be staying with him along with Sharle, and Jorge assures him that he will return for the two after he is sure that the Military Police is no longer hunting them. Xenophon asks if Jorge plans to make them into soldiers, and declares that they have what it takes to become soldiers. Jorge agrees, informing Xenophon of the boys' success in fighting Titans outside the Walls, and the two agree that the Survey Corps needs soldiers like Kuklo and Cardina.

Sharle, overhearing them talking, strongly protests the thought of Kuklo joining the Survey Corps. Jorge tries to talk her down but Sharle insists that Kuklo, who has lived his life as "The Titan's Son" and risked his life just to prove to himself that he was not a Titan, has earned the right to live a normal life. However, Kuklo surprises everyone by revealing that he wants to join, and that he wants to use the device to kill a Titan himself.

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