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Wail from the Shadows (晦冥の鬼哭 Kaimei no Kikoku?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 7th volume and the 24th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo rushes to aid Cardina and is relieved to see him being raised up by both Carlo and Jorge Pikale. Seeing an opportunity to strike the nape of Ogre, Kuklo flies towards it only to see another Titan intervene at the last second.The resulting attack breaks Kuklo's sword and his right arm and also damaging his set of equipment. Kuklo is saved by Carlo and Cardina and brought up to the top of the Wall; he hears that his father was killed by the same Titan he just escaped from and vows to defeat it the next time he encounters it.


Kuklo attempts to cut Ogre's nape

Kuklo attempts to cut one Titan's nape, as another Titan jumps at him

As Cardina dangles above the ground from Wall Maria with a Titan ready to eat him alive, Kuklo rushes desperately to his aid. The Titan jumps, chomping at Cardina but failing to catch him. Kuklo begins to feel the weight of the device, but notices that Cardina used his own device to evade the Titan's mouth by grappling higher up. However, he notices that the Titan has begun to wait for him to fall down, which becomes very possible when his grapple begins to lose its hold on the Wall. Down below, Cardina and the soldiers standing atop the Wall notice sparks being struck by Kuklo on the ground. Recognizing the emergency haul-up signal, Jorge and Carlo pull Cardina upwards to safety.

As the Titan reaches up for Cardina, Kuklo prepares to strike at its nape. However, the Titan jumps before Kuklo can strike, sending him flying above his mark. Kuklo persists, still seeing a chance to come down and make the killing blow, until another Titan comes in. The new Titan swats at Kuklo, breaking his right arm and destroying his sword. Kuklo tries to pull up to safety, but his device is not responding to his inputs due to the shock of the blow. He maneuvers horizontally to evade the Titans' grasp, but cannot stabilize himself as he heads toward the Wall. Before he can impact against Wall Maria, Cardina and Carlo come to his rescue, grabbing him and taking him back to the summit of Wall Maria.

Carlo and Cardina save Kuklo

Carlo and Cardina save Kuklo

Setting Kuklo down on the Wall, Maria suspects that Kuklo is suffering from more injuries than a broken arm. Kuklo thanks Cardina and the others for his rescue while Maria goes to inform the Garrison squad of the mission's completion.

Carlo admits that he recognizes the Titan that was reaching for Cardina. This Titan, nicknamed "Ogre," was the one who attacked Carlo's expedition over three months ago, and the same Titan that killed Kuklo's father fifteen years ago. He recalls the time when Heath's head was sent flying over the Wall, causing his wife Elena to lose her sanity.

Kuklo admits that since he never knew his parents, he cannot claim to fight for them. He vows to fight not for vengeance, but for the family he now has in Sharle. Trusting that improvements will be made for the device, he vows that he will defeat Ogre when he next encounters it.

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