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This article is about the nobleman appearing in the anime. For other uses of this name, see Wald (Disambiguation).

Quote1.png How do you hope to triumph over the Titans with such paltry skill and intellect? Quote2.png
— Wald to Dot Pyxis[2]

Wald (バルト Baruto?), often formally referred to as Lord Wald (バルト侯 Baruto Kō?), is a rich regional lord and an acquaintance of Commander Dot Pyxis.


Wald appears as an overweight man with a round face and a balding head with blond wavy hair on the sides. He has gray focused eyes, a blond mustache curled at the tips, and was seen wearing a noble and expensive attire.


The Struggle for Trost arc

He first appears during the Invasion of Trost, playing a chess match with Dot Pyxis and drinking wine with him. He beats Pyxis in the match and grabs a handful of sweets and biscuits from a plate and eats them up. He snickers at Pyxis, wondering if he was capable of beating the Titans with the inferior strategical mindset that he possessed.[2]

Wald begs Pyxis to stay and defend his domain

A soldier interrupts them and informs them of the invasion of Titans in Trost, causing him to drop his wine glass, paralyzed in fear. As Pyxis grabs his wine bottle and prepares to leave, a worried Wald tries to stop him and requests him to stay put and protect his property, as he deems that his life and property are more precious than those who are dying on the front-lines. Pyxis calmly refuses and leaves.[2]


  • He and Ralph share the same Japanese voice actor.