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Wald Richter (ウォルド・リヒター Worudo Rihitā?) was the leader of a team of thugs for hire residing in Stohess District. He was an antagonist in the story "Wall Sina, Goodbye" of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls novel and the manga of the same name.


Wald was a middle-aged man with light hair combed back for the most part. He was often noted for having a glass eye with a red iris. He wore a long suit and a fedora.


Wald was a civilized person. He would act very displeased whenever someone around him acted uncivilized. He was a careful man, shown when he investigated Annie Leonhart's ring to make sure it was safe to give back to her.[1]


Wall Sheena, Goodbye arc

Sometime before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Wald offers Lou Meade to join his team of thugs for hire.[2]

Several days before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Wald and Lou are hired by Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann to find his missing daughter, Carly Stratmann. While looking for Carly they find her lover, Wayne Eisner, who tells them about Carly's whereabouts and her involvement in the trade of an illegal drug known as coderoin. He offers them a job to help him blackmail Elliot in exchange for money. They accept and lock Carly up at Wald's office located at No. 197 Van Gelder Street. They set the handoff date with Elliot for a few days after.[3]

A day before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Wald is informed by Lou that he saw a Military Police officer investigating Carly's disappearance at a bar known as Pit Lidors. Wald goes to talk with Elliot to learn that the officer was working alone and was heading to Wayne's apartment. Wald later sends Lou to stake out Wayne's apartment and wait for the officer.[4] Wald is informed that Lou found Wayne's corpse. A while later they see the officer arrive at Wayne's apartment. They pay her carriage driver to let them take the carriage and wait inside the carriage to ambush the officer.[5]

Wald holds the officer at knifepoint

As the officer enters the carriage Lou grabs her and pulls her in, while Wald holds her up at knifepoint. Wald warns the officer not to move and that they do not plan to kill her there. As the carriage driver starts bringing them to a different location Wald takes the officer's notebook and reads it. He explains to her that they paid her driver to get them the carriage. Lou gets mad at the officer and points a gun to her head but Wald stops him and tells him to stop being uncivilized. Wald finds a sketch of himself in the officer's notebook and praises her dedication. He explains to her that because she got in their way, they plan to dispose of her in a vat of sludge. The officer tells Wald that other MP officers will soon find Carly but Wald does not believe her.[6]

Wald deduces that the officer has already found Wayne's corpse. He also figures out that the officer has a reason for not reporting the MP because she was not heading for the Military Police Brigades Quater's. Lou takes out a bottle of alcohol but Wald tells him to put it away while they are working. Wald tells her that they did not kill Wayne and many people might have wanted to kill. The officer begins to ask him several questions about the Stratmanns, but he replies that she does not need to know.[7]

Wald finds a hidden blade in the officer's ring

The officer starts to plead with them to return her ring before they throw her in the sludge. Lou refuses to do so but Wald demands Lou to hand it over to him. After Lou hands the ring over, Wald finds a hidden blade in the ring. Suspecting that the blade has been poisoned, Wald pricks the officer's hand when all of a sudden the carriage blows up, severely injuring him. As the officer takes her ring back, seemingly unharmed, Wald questions her about what just happened and notes that it almost seemed as if she was a Titan. As Wald starts to comment on how the officer ruined his plans, she is shot in the back.[8]

Wald tells Lou that the officer injured his legs and asks Lou to help him up. Lou points the gun at Wald and tells him that he plans to take over. Wald suspects Lou of killing Wayne, however, Lou neither confirms nor denies it. As Wald questions why he ever hired Lou, Lou shoots him and leaves him to bleed to death.[9]

Wald reveals Carly's location

Wald is then shocked to see the officer standing to ask him where Carly is, again seemingly unharmed. Knowing that he is defeated he reveals that Carly is being held at his office located at No. 197 Van Gelder Street. Wald explains that they were hired by Elliot to find Carly but ended up partnering with Wayne and held Carly hostage to blackmail Elliot. Wald asks the officer what happened to the carriage, and she replies that she is a Titan, which causes Wald to laugh. As he laments that he was nearly able to finish his task, he dies.[10]

Wald's death is later celebrated by Lou and his fellow thugs.[11]


  • Lou Meade - Wald offered Lou a job to work on Wald's team of hired thugs. Wald always pestered by Lou to act civilized. When Wald was injured by Annie Leonhart, Lou took the opportunity to shoot Wald and let him bleed to death after. After Wald's death, Lou celebrated by having a drinking party with his fellow thugs.



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