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This article is about the manga chapter. For the anime episode, see Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3. For more pages referred to by this name, see Wall (Disambiguation).

Quote1.png I don't care if you make the entire world your enemy. Even if every other creature alive comes to hate you, your father will always be on your side. So please. Promise me...that you'll come back! Quote2.png
— Annie remembers her father

Wall ( Kabe?) is the 3rd chapter of the 8th volume and the 33rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


The people of Stohess District watch as a new steam explosion appears in the city, caused by Eren's transformation. Eren starts fighting for the second time against Annie, who starts running while Eren and other soldiers follow her. The battle takes place inside the city, where buildings are destroyed and many soldiers and civilians die. After Annie is able to subdue Eren, she tries to escape by climbing the Wall. However, she is stopped by Mikasa who cuts off her fingers. While the soldiers try to take Annie out, she recalls a memory of her father. Once she has the chance, she crystallizes herself so she cannot be interrogated. Moments later, Mikasa freezes in place on the Wall after seeing a Titan within the structure.


The vapor rising from Annie and Eren's transformation gets noticed by Commander Erwin and Commander Nile. At first, Nile sends only Marlowe and Hitch with a few others to investigate, until Commander Erwin tells him to dispatch all available troops and to act under the assumption that Titans have made an appearance. Given their location at Wall Sheena, Nile is initially confused. However, he quickly begins to suspect that Erwin knows something.

Closer to the action, a small congregation of Wall worshipers are praying to the Walls. Suddenly, Annie crashes through the ceiling, killing most of the building's occupants. Amidst the rubble, Minister Nick gets up and is in disbelief at the sight of a Titan. Trying to escape, Annie makes a run for the Wall hoping to scale it, with Survey Corps behind her in pursuit. As a small group of Scouts closes in, she desperately swats at them, knocking over a bell tower and sending debris flying toward them. While she is distracted by the group behind her, Mikasa swoops in and slashes at her face.

Annie kicks Eren

Believing she is responsible for Levi's injury, she makes it her personal mission to take down Annie before she gets away. She barely finishes the thought before she notices the clearing of flat land in Annie's escape route. Not wanting to leave themselves vulnerable they consider going around, but fear that they will not be able to catch up to her if they do. Fortunately, Eren shows up to fight Annie hand-to-hand, leaving Hange relieved to see that he is in control this time. As Eren gets closer, Armin worries that Annie might make a last attempt at capturing him.

Noticing Eren, she quickly turns and readies herself. Eren thinks back to when they were trainees and notes that it was the only time she looked like she enjoyed herself. He then wonders what her reasons were for turning on everyone. He lunges at her, attempting a strong right cross, but Annie quickly counters with a low kick that cuts his leg off below the knee. Without missing a beat, Eren jumps up with his remaining leg and puts all of his weight into a blow to her head. The force drives her back, but she recovers and kicks Eren in the face, crushing the back of his head against a building. She is surprised to see that Eren has clamped down on her leg with his teeth, trapping her there.

Mikasa cuts Annie down

The soldiers see their chance and move in, while she desperately beats on his head trying to get away. The soldiers get close, but she manages to get free and runs to the Wall. She unexpectedly hardens her fingertips into sharp points and begins to climb the Wall, to the astonishment of the soldiers. Armin realizes that catching up to her by using vertical maneuvering equipment would be impossible, and instructs Titan Eren to throw Mikasa upward, towards Annie. She reaches Annie just in time, and slices off her fingers. She looks almost terrified as Mikasa does the same to her other hand causing her to fall.

Mikasa discovers a Titan within the Wall

Plummeting to the ground, she remembers her father from her youth in her hometown. He says to her that he will not ask for her forgiveness after everything that has happened. Instead, he requests that she should always remember that, even if she makes the whole world her enemy, her father will always be on her side. When she lands, Eren moves over to her body, along with the group of soldiers and removes her head. Nearly in her captors' hands, she finishes the conversation from long ago. He asks that in return, she would promise that she will someday come home. Pulling her out of the Titan's body, she has tears in her eyes and in one last act, she erupts in an explosion of light.

When the light fades, they find that Annie is now encased in crystal. Above the scene, Mikasa notices that the Wall is crumbling from the damage Annie caused trying to climb over it. When the pieces start to fall, she is stunned to see the head of a Titan inside of the Wall.

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