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This article is about the first Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga story arc. For other uses of this name, see Wall Sina, Goodbye (Disambiguation).

Wall Sheena, Goodbye arc is the first story arc in the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga.


Annie Leonhart spends the day before her mission to infiltrate the Survey Corps searching for a lost girl in Stohess District, encountering more trouble than she had expected.


Cover Number Title Release date
1 Carly Stratmann
 (カーリー・ストラットマン Kārī Sutorattoman?)
August 9, 2015
Lost Girls - Chapter 1 CoverOn the day before the Survey Corps' 57th Expedition Outside the Walls, Hitch Dreyse gives Annie Leonhart the task of finding a missing person, Carly Stratmann, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Stohess District. She visits the Stratmann family mansion to ask Carly's father, Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann, about the circumstances that may be related to her disappearance. After little success, she researches the Stratmann family records for further information. She ponders over the relationship between Carly and her father, comparing it to her own relationship with her father back home. At last, she discovers a connection between Carly and a tavern in Stohess District, the Pit Lidors. She heads to the tavern to seek out answers.

Cover Number Title Release date
2 Wayne Eisner
 (ウェイン・アイズナー Wein Aizunā?)
September 9, 2015
Lost Girls - Chapter 2 CoverAt the Pit Lidors tavern in Stohess District, Annnie Leonhart asks the patrons what they know about Carly Stratmann. After putting them in their place when they decide to become rowdy, the patrons explain that Carly frequently visited the Pit Lidors and was friendly to everyone there. They tell her that Carly often got angry when the patrons took the drug coderoin despite her casual attitude when they took other drugs. They suspect Carly may be involved in illegal activity, and a strange man also visited the tavern asking about her.

When the patrons are unable to give more answers, the bartender directs Annie to the neighborhood where Wayne Eisner, Carly's boyfriend, lives, saying that he may know more about her activities. After taking a moment to think on the task she must complete tomorrow, she heads to the neighborhood where Wayne lives. She gets Wayne's apartment block from some thugs she defeats in a fight, but after searching Wayne's home she finds coderoin and the corpse of Wayne himself beneath his bed. Before her search can be complete, an irritated neighbor comes to the door.

Cover Number Title Release date
3 Wald and Lou
 (ウォルド&ルー Worudo & Rū?)
October 9, 2015
Lost Girls - Chapter 3 CoverAfter Annie rushes to lock the door of Wayne Eisner's home, the angry neighbor leaves and Annie decides to report Wayne's death anonymously after she finds Carly Stratmann. Thinking back to when she learned of coderoin's origin in the capital, she wonders how it ended up in such high quantity with Wayne. When she heads to a carriage awaiting her, she is caught by Wald Richter and Lou Meade, a pair of hired handymen. After they restrain her and remove her silver ring, Annie asks them about their motives, and after vague answers, they tell her of their plan to kill her and dispose of her body in the industrial area of town. Annie asks for her ring back, and Wald discovers the little blade in her ring. He tests it for poison by pricking Annie's hand, just as she had planned. Generating an arm of the Female Titan and destroying the carriage, Annie is freed from her restraints and retrieves her ring.

With Wald injured, Lou shoots both Wald and Annie through the chest, leaving both for dead. Annie heals her wound and questions Wald, who tells her that Carly is at his home. Their search for her led them to Wayne, who gave them Carly's whereabouts and in return, Wald and Lou blackmailed Elliot Stratmann with Carly's secret hand in the drug trade. After Wald dies of his wounds, Annie returns to the Pit Lidors where Lou is celebrating his future wealth.

Cover Number Title Release date
4 Coderoin
 (コデロイン Koderoin?)
November 9, 2015
Lost Girls - Chapter 4 CoverReturning to the Pit Lidors tavern, Annie fights the patrons and defeats Lou, threatening him into silence about her meeting with them. When the chaos dies down, Carly Stratmann appears at last.

Annie and Carly speak together, and Carly confesses to her involvement in the coderoin trade. She tells her that Wayne was a dealer, and her father is the boss of the trade. She and her father agreed to keep coderoin out of distribution in Stohess District, keeping it in the capital alone, but Elliot had broken this promise, causing her to leave home. Carly asks Annie to pretend she was not found.

At the Military Police Brigade barracks, Annie retrieves a permit to Wall Rose and a letter from Elliot Stratmann about Wayne's location. Carly prepares to leave, and while walking with Annie she asks her if she ever went against her own father. Annie recalls a time when she snapped during her training and attacked him, even though he was proud of her ferocity in the breakdown. After eating with Carly, Annie gives her the Wall Rose travel permit. Carly bids Annie farewell, and Annie prepares to conclude the day's task.

Cover Number Title Release date
5 Annie Leonhart
 (アニ・レオンハート Ani Reonhāto?)
December 9, 2015
Lost Girls - Chapter 5 CoverReturning to the Stratmann family mansion, Annie informs Elliot Stratmann that Carly is gone. Annie realizes that Elliot was the one who killed Wayne Eisner and not Lou. He had visited Wayne after he left a letter at the mansion, and he killed him before Wald and Lou were involved. Elliot planned to frame Wald and Lou for the murder and have Annie arrest them. Elliot claims that Annie's theory is nonsensical, but Annie sees through his lie, saying that Elliot could have informed Annie of Wayne from the start.

Together, Annie and Elliot dispose of Wayne's corpse in the industrial area of the district. Elliot admits that the dinners he had with Carly were meant to discuss the coderoin trade. Elliot informs Annie that she is welcome at his mansion at any time for dinner, but Annie lets him know that if her future task goes well, she will be able to return to her hometown. Annie gives a false report that Carly and Wayne left town under false names three days ago. Annie heads to the showers, preparing herself to set out on her mission so that she may at last return to her hometown.

Cover Number Title Release date
N/A Wall Sheena, Goodbye: Side Story
November 26, 2015
Lost Girls - Chapter s1 CoverAfter parting ways with Carly Stratmann, Annie wants to have one more donut before her day is done.