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This article is about the 6th OVA episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For other uses of this name, see Wall Sina, Goodbye (Disambiguation).

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One (Wall Sina, Goodbye (前編) Wall Sina, Goodbye (Zenpen)?) is the sixth OVA episode of the Attack on Titan anime. It was produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G. It was followed by Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two in April 2018 and an OVA based on the Lost in the Cruel World story in August 2018.[3]

It is an anime adaptation of first volume of the spin-off manga Attack on Titan: Lost Girls, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji, and based in turn on the visual novel Wall Sina, Goodbye, by Hiroshi Seko.

The episode was first released in Japan with the special edition of Volume 24 of the manga, and then aired together with its sequel on November 7, 2021 on NHK General TV as part of an extra edition of Attack on Titan: Special Omnibus.[4]


On the day before the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Hitch gives Annie Leonhart the task of finding a missing person, Carly Stratmann, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Stohess District. She visits the Stratmann family mansion to ask Carly's father, Elliot G. Stratmann, about the circumstances that may be related to her disappearance. After little success, she researches the Stratmann family records for further information and discovers a connection between Carly and a tavern in Stohess District, the Pit Lidors.

At the tavern, Annie learns from the rowdy patrons that Carly frequently visited the tavern and was friendly to everyone there, but she often got angry when the patrons took the drug coderoin despite her casual attitude when they took other drugs. The bartender directs Annie to the neighborhood where Kemper Boltz, Carly's lover, lives, saying that he may know more about her activities. But after searching Kemper's home she finds coderoin and the corpse of a man beneath Kemper's bed. Before her search can be complete, an irritated neighbor comes to the door.


Marco pleads with Annie to stop and asks her for answers

Marco Bodt screams in terror, held by someone from behind while Annie Leonhart struggles with his omni-directional mobility gear. Marco pleads with them to stop and asks Annie why she is doing that, but a frightened Annie only looks back at him without responding. Marco is later killed by a Titan while Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt watch in horror.

Annie wakes up from the nightmare. It is the morning before the Scout Regiment's 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, and she has been sleeping at the Military Police Regiment barracks in Stohess District. As she gets ready, she ponders that what has to be done, has to be done, no matter how much blood will be spilled. She then reminds herself of her mission: to infiltrate the expedition of the next day and capture Eren Jaeger.

After suiting herself in a Military Police uniform, Annie reads a letter from Reiner, in which he tells her about the preparations for the expedition and the fact that Eren was located on another squad and has not been seen. Hitch Dreyse then gets out of the shower, and feeling curious takes the letter and reads it, but returns it back to Annie after finding it boring.

Carly Stratmann's sketch

Hitch notes Annie's lack of wardrobe variety, suggesting she should change something up to attract guys' attention. Annie asks Hitch to report her as sick the next day so that she can meet someone. Hitch agrees and hands her a sketch of a young woman who was reported missing. Although Hitch was tasked with finding her, she claims she has been forgetting and believes Annie taking care of it would return the favor for Hitch reporting her sick. Hitch asks who the man is that Annie is meeting on her "errand," to which Annie bluntly tells her that he is a 15-meter Titan. Hitch considers this to be little more than a bad joke.

Boris meets Annie in the dining hall

In the cafeteria, Annie reads the poster of the missing person: Carly Stratmann, born in the year 830, 20 years old, only daughter of Elliot G. Stratmann, president of the Marleen Company. As she reads it, she is approached by Boris Feulner, who wonders why she is working on her day off. Annie replies that she is in no mood to enjoy her day off and that she needs to pay a favor. Whether it would be worth the effort to tackle the missing person's case in a single day. Although Boris finds this strange, he wishes her good luck and goes away, while Annie decides that it would be best for her to play the soldier game for one more day, in order to turn her mind temporarily from her mission and avoid the depression that this causes her.

As Annie is on her way to the mansion of the Stratmann family, Hitch passes by her side, on board of a ship on the river, and gleefully thanks her for her help while she enjoys her day off. At the Stratmann's mansion, Annie is brought into the house by Elliot's butler, leading her to Elliot Stratmann himself. Annie states that she is there to find out more about Carly's disappearance, to which Elliot concludes that means they have no clue yet, despite submitting the search request ten days prior, and asks if the Military Police is incompetent.

Annie and Elliot Stratmann talk about Carly's disappearance

Annie replies that he is free to think that, but Elliot claims that she is lying, and that the Military Police has not conducted any search at all and the task has probably been just passing around. Annie confirms this and informs him that she is the first person to follow up on the report after it had gone through two other policemen. Elliot asks her how long she has been in the Military Police, and is bitterly amused when Annie informs him that she has been in the MPs for only a month. Elliot tells Annie that he believes her to be trustworthy, and asks her to find his daughter.

Elliot explains that five days before she went missing, Carly did not show up for dinner with him, a tradition in their household regardless of their busy schedules. Annie asks many questions concerning Carly, but Elliot responds to each saying that he knows little about his own daughter. Their dinners together every day are held on the condition that neither would interfere with each other's business. Elliot tells Annie that their family returned to Stohess District three years after Carly had graduated from Einrich University with a major in chemistry. Annie asks if Carly could have been kidnapped, but Elliot dismisses the idea, saying that he had not received any ransom. Annie then questions whether Elliot had a good relationship with his daughter, to which he replies that he has no idea what Carly is thinking. Annie doubts that there are any fathers that know this.

The conversation is cut short by a loud knocking at Stratmann's door. As Elliot sends his butler to answer the door, Annie notices a man leaving the estate and jumping the fence outside. The butler returns with a letter left by the visitor. Elliot looks it over with a stern look before putting the paper away in his pocket. He asks Annie why she joined the Military Police, to which Annie says that it was for a peaceful life in the Interior. Annie leaves with no more questions and no real clues. Elliot then burns the paper in the ashtray.

Marlo briefs Annie on Stratmann's company

In the Military Police Regiment documentation rooms, Annie asks Marlo Freudenberg for information about the Stratmann family and the Marleen Company. She learns that the Marleen Company mainly traded with merchants from Wall Maria until Shiganshina District fell in the year 845. After the fall, Marleen Company went into a large downsizing, reduced to only a carriage service. Annie is skeptical of how Elliot Stratmann can remain so financially stable with only a transport service. Furthermore, she is also curious about why Carly Stratmann is unemployed despite having graduated from Einrich University with a major in chemistry.

Annie wonders about the relationship between Elliot and Carly, finding it strange how neither is involved in each other's lives. She thinks back to her relationship with her own father, who subjected her to restless training from morning to night with no room for disobedience. Annie returns her thoughts to the Stratmanns, realizing that Carly must be entirely reliant on Elliot's money despite Elliot speaking about her as if she was independent of his finances.

Annie asks for any interrogation records relating to the Stratmann family, and she discovers that Carly was interrogated two years ago after being found in a drunken state at a bar in Stohess, the Pit Lidors. She heads to the Pit Lidors without any delay.

Annie subdues the patron

At the tavern, some patrons at a table on the left laugh, but immediately stop when Annie arrives. She sets the sketch of Carly Stratmann on the counter, asking the bartender if he knows her. The man denies knowing her, and Annie then orders a limeade, amusing one of the patrons at the table on the left. She asks the patrons of that table about Carly Stratmann, and one of them denies and tells her to run back home while stretching out his arm to grab her buttock. However, Annie intercepts it and twists his arm behind his back, dislocating his shoulder.

As the man is pinned against the table, she takes a small bag out of his pocket and empties its contents on the table, stating it to be pills of a drug called coderoin, which can get him three to five years in prison. The other patrons on the table then attempt to attack her, but she makes quick work of them with her fighting techniques. Using the coderoin as blackmail to get answers, Annie asks them again about Carly. She promises that if she is given answers, she will overlook their drug use.

A patron gives his statement about Carly

One patron tells her that Carly frequently visited the Pit Lidors to buy beers for the patrons and dance with them, becoming loved by all the regulars for her generosity. They say that she disappeared ten days ago, noting that she had become angry at times before her disappearance whenever she saw someone using coderoin. Strangely, she showed no such anger when other drugs were being used by the patrons. They suspect that Carly may be involved in some illegal activity, which would explain her financial independence despite being unemployed. The patrons also note that a strange man with an artificial eye visited the tavern asking about her whereabouts.

Annie prods them for information about the man, and the bartender tells her that they honestly know nothing more on the subject. The bartender tells Annie that Carly's lover, Kemper Boltz, may know more about the matter, and he tells her about his home in South Aachen Street, a shady neighborhood. As Annie leaves, she puts the large patron's shoulder back into its place. She asks the bartender how he knows about Carly and Kemper, to which he responds that bartenders pick up such bits of information over time even if they are not wanted.

While eating outside, Annie remembers Marco's death and decides to go to Carly's lover's place and try to get her back home or give up if she finds nothing.

Annie beats a man who had threatened her with a knife

Picking up a ride to South Aachen Avenue, she pays for a part of her fee, promising to pay back the rest on her return. However, the driver refuses due to the dangerousness of the neighborhood, and Annie pays the rest as the carriage goes away.

As she explores the streets, she approaches a group of men gathered around a fire, and asks them for information about Kemper. They, however, taunt her, and Annie blackmails them with charging them for setting up a fire in midtown if they do not cooperate. One of the men threatens her with a knife but Annie quickly defeats him and nonchalantly repeats the question. The men then give her Kemper's address, Block 225.

Corpse under Kemper's bed

When she comes to his home, the door is unlocked. She decides to search the home for any clues about Carly, and she comes across a drawer full of coderoin pouches inside the closet. Searching further beneath his bed, she finds a man's corpse. She knocks over some glasses of liquor as she stumbles back in shock, irritating a neighbor with the noise. As she realizes that she did not lock the door, the neighbor begins turning the doorknob.

Currently Publicly Available Information

The Stohess District


A city at the eastern part of Wall Sina. While there's a wealthy neighborhood there, in the back streets are bars and such where manual laborers gather, which results in a disorderly atmosphere. Also, there were once plans to build an underground city, but for some reason it came to a standstill, and some of its subterranean passages still remain today.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Marco Bodt (killed in a flashback)
  2. Annie Leonhart (flashback)
  3. Reiner Braun (flashback)
  4. Bertholdt Hoover (flashback)
  5. Hitch Dreyse
  6. Carly Stratmann (picture)
  7. Boris Feulner
  8. Elliot G. Stratmann
  9. Marlo Freudenberg
  10. Leonhart (flashback)
  11. Lou
  12. Kemper Boltz (corpse)





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