This article is about the 7th OVA episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For other uses of this name, see Wall Sina, Goodbye (Disambiguation).

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two (Wall Sina, Goodbye (後編) Wall Sina, Goodbye (Kōhen)?) will be the seventh OVA, Episode 16.5B, of the Attack on Titan anime. It will be produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G, and it will be released along with a special edition of volume 25 of the manga. It will be the continuation of Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One.[1]

Both episodes are anime adaptations of the spin-off manga Attack on Titan: Lost Girls, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji, and based in turn on the visual novel "Wall Sina, Goodbye", by Hiroshi Seko.


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