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This article is about the 7th OVA episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For other uses of this name, see Wall Sina, Goodbye (Disambiguation).

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Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two (Wall Sina, Goodbye (後編) Wall Sina, Goodbye (Kōhen)?) is the seventh OVA, Episode 16.5B, of the Attack on Titan anime. It was produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G. It is a continuation of Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One.

Both episodes are anime adaptations of the first volume of the spin-off manga Attack on Titan: Lost Girls, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji, and based in turn on the visual novel Wall Sina, Goodbye, by Hiroshi Seko.

The episode was released in Japan with the special edition of Volume 25 of the manga.[1] It will be followed by Mikasa Chapter on August 2018.[1]


After finding Kemper Boltz' body, Annie decides to cover up his murder and locate Carly Stratmann to prevent the case from interfering with her mission. As she takes the carriage back to Elliot G. Stratmann's house, she is kidnapped by two private investigators, Wald and Lou, who were hired by Elliot to find Carly but have now gone rogue and are trying to blackmail him. They reveal their plan to kill her and dispose of her body in the industrial area of Stohess, but on the way Annie breaks free by generating a Female Titan's arm and exploding the carriage.

Annie questions the injured Wald about Carly's whereabouts, but both are shot and left for dead by Lou. Wald survives long enough to tell Annie the location, and Annie storms the place and releases Carly. They speak and Carly reveals to be the producer of coderoin, with her father being the leader of the trade and Kemper a dealer. She had decided to stop the production and leave with Kemper, but he had betrayed her and kidnapped for ransom; later involving Wald and Lou. Annie helps Carly enter Wall Rose with a forged permit, and later meets with Elliot, telling him about Carly's escape, her knowledge of the coderoin trading, and that Elliot was the one who killed Kemper. Both dispose of Kemper's body in the industrial waste area, and Annie returns to the Military Police Regiment barracks, filing a false report about the case and determined to complete her current mission.


Annie next to Kemper Boltz' body

The dead man's neighbor angrily bangs on the door while Annie rushes to close it and lock it. She succeeds and the neighbor goes back to his own apartment. A license to operate horse carriages found in the man's wallet confirms to Annie that he is Kemper Boltz, and the fact that the body is still warm reveals that he died recently. Annie considers whether or not she should report his death to the Military Police Regiment, but given the risk of being linked to the murder, she decides to report it anonymously after she has found Carly Stratmann.

Annie thinks back to the time she defied her father. During her strenuous training, Annie had snapped and attacked her father relentlessly. Ever since that day, her father walked with a limp, proud of the strength Annie had displayed.

After the neighbor has gone to sleep, Annie locks Kemper's apartment and returns to the carriage, wondering about the motive behind his death. Thinking back on a briefing in the Military Police barracks, she recalls that the drug coderoin was only recently introduced to Stohess District after it started circulating in the capital. She wonders how Carly and Kemper could have so large of a stockpile of coderoin, and she decides to return to Elliot Stratmann for further questioning.

Wald and Annie discuss their respective involvements in the case

When she returns to the carriage, she finds that the man with the artificial eye who was searching for Carly was waiting for her inside the car and threatens her with a knife, asking her to come in; while a thug shows up behind her, steals her silver ring and gets in the carriage too. The man with the glass eye, Wald, informs her that they plan to kill her and dispose of her body in the industrial area of Stohess. He tells her that he has spoken with Elliot Stratmann and knows she is working alone. Knowing that she has found Kemper's body, she informs her that they were not the ones who killed him. Annie asks for her silver ring back, falsely claiming that it is a gift from her father.

Wald tells Lou to give him the ring, and he discovers the small blade hidden within the ring. Suspecting that it is poisoned, he attempts to prick Annie's hand, but changes his mind seeing Annie's willingness to let him test it, and gives the ring back to Lou. Having noticed Lou's lack of self-control, Annie nudges him and makes him cut himself with the blade, which causes him to retaliate and cut her in turn, allowing Annie to make use of the wound to generate an arm of the Female Titan.

Annie is shot

The carriage bursts into pieces and Wald is left injured. She approaches him and Wald tries to defend himself, but she subdues him easily and once again asks him about Carly's whereabouts. Just as he is about to tell her, Lou shoots Annie through the chest from behind, believing that she had exploded the carriage with a bomb. Seeing that Wald is alive, he decides to kill him and take over their job. Wald asks if Lou was the one who killed Kemper, and he denies it before shooting Wald in the chest.

Annie heals herself and asks a dying Wald about Carly's location. Wald confesses that Carly is at his office, No. 197 Van Gelder Street. He tells her that he and Lou are odd-jobbers who were tasked by Elliot Stratmann to find Carly and return her to the Stratmann family home. On their search, they met Kemper, who knew of her whereabouts. Kemper had agreed to give them Carly's location if they did him a favor by blackmailing Elliot Stratmann with Carly's secret in the coderoin trade for a ransom. Wald laments that he was nearly able to leave Stohess had he finished his task, and with this, he dies.

Annie and Carly meet

Having returned to the Pit Lidors tavern looking for Lou, the patrons begin attacking Annie but she makes quick work of them. Lou points a gun at her but she hits him in the head with a bottle and Lou misses his aim. Annie overpowers Lou, and taking his pistol she demands that Lou must never speak of her arrival at the Pit Lidors or her meeting with him and Wald. As Lou wets himself in fear, Annie takes back her blade ring. Once the chaos dies down, Carly Stratmann appears at last.

In a private room, Annie and Carly speak together. Carly is informed of Kemper 's death, and Carly explains that she was the one who produced the coderoin. She reveals that Kemper was a dealer of the drug, her father was in charge of the trade. The Stratmann family had been using their carriage business to send coderoin to the capital. Carly had agreed with her father that coderoin would only be sold in the capital, and as long as the agreement lasted she would bring in as much fortune as he wanted. However, Elliot had begun to sell coderoin within Stohess District, and because of this she left home. She chose to live with Kemper for a time and wanted to leave town though Kemper did not. Kemper wanted to earn more money, leading to his blackmail with Wald and Lou, but Lou had betrayed him. After everything is revealed, Carly asks Annie to pretend that she had not been found. Annie asks Carly why she began coderoin production, and she admits that she wanted to keep her father financially stable.

Carly explains her story

In the Military Police Regiment barracks, Annie forges a Wall Rose travel permit and returns to the Pit Lidors. Carly bids farewell to the patrons and goes outside with Annie, gifting her donuts and limeade, the former being especially enjoyed by Annie. Annie gives her the forged Wall Rose travel permit, and Carly tells her that she will leave since she will not be able to stop wanting to help her father if she stays. Carly bids Annie farewell, and Annie prepares to wrap up her task for the day.

Returning to the mansion of the Stratmann family, Annie meets Elliot and notices that he is smoking a rare cigarette. Elliot reveals that the cigarette is a brand that was only produced in Wall Maria. Changing the subject, Annie states that Elliot was the one who killed Kemper Boltz and not Lou. Elliot claims the idea is absurd, and Annie theorizes that Kemper was the one who left the note at the Stratmann mansion. The note was the ransom, and Elliot visited Kemper's apartment to discuss the matter. He then killed Kemper while he was there. Elliot claims the story is nonsensical, but Annie shows him a cigarette of the same rare brand Elliot is smoking that she found at Kemper's home. With this, Elliot confesses to the murder, saying that Kemper would not have handed over Carly and would instead take Elliot's money when he was drunk.

Annie halts the conversation, asking Elliot to stop smoking. When Elliot objects, she snatches the cigarette out of his hand, saying that she has had enough of everyone smoking or drinking during her task that day. Elliot asks her why she is so irritated, and Annie says that she is tired and anxious for tomorrow's mission. Elliot states his willingness to go with her to the police, but Annie lets him know that he is not going to jail.

Annie and Elliot after disposing of Kemper's body

Together, Elliot and Annie dispose of Kemper's corpse in the industrial waste area of Stohess District. Elliot asks why Annie involved herself in the disposal, and she says she is doing it for her own sake, because what must be done has to be done no matter what.

As Elliot and Annie part ways, Elliot lets Annie know that she is welcome for dinner at his home at any time. Annie lets him know that such a thing is unlikely since if her mission tomorrow succeeds, she will be able to return to her hometown. She thinks back to her time with her father when they would discuss fighting techniques at dinner frequently over the years.

At the Military Police Regiment barracks, Annie files a false report about Carly and Kemper, claiming they had left for the capital under false names three days ago. Returning to her room where Hitch is sleeping, she notices that Hitch had left her a flower with a note saying that she should put it on for her date. Leaving the flower in her room, she heads to the showers. She assures herself that fulfilling her mission is her purpose in life. Thinking back to the time her father apologized to her before she left her hometown, she reminds herself of her current mission: to infiltrate the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission and kidnap Eren Jaeger.

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Waste Liquid Tank


A large tank that stores dirty water and waste liquid containing toxic pollutants generated from industrial activities. It has a capacity of 5000m.

When the dirty water and waste liquid exceeds a set level, part of its content will be transferred to another tank and purified through a special filtration device to make it harmless to the human body before being discharged from the plant.

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