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Quote1 Karl Fritz used the power of the Founding give birth to massive Titans. These were to act as both his shields and his spears. Quote2
— Willy Tybur recounting the past[1]

The Wall Titans (壁の巨人 Kabe no Kyojin?)[4][5] are Abnormal Titans similar in appearance to the Colossus Titan, one of the Nine Titans. They possess the ability of crystallization and exist in the order of the millions within the three Walls.

In the year 743, King Karl Fritz used the power of the Founding Titan to create and command "tens of millions" of these Titans to create the three Walls and protect the last Eldian territory on Paradis Island. The lack of sunlight inside the Walls has rendered them immobile ever since, although King Fritz "threatened" to release them and use them to flatten the Earth should Paradis Island come under attack.

Their existence was discovered when the Female Titan tried to climb Wall Sheena to escape from Eren Yeager and the Survey Corps.


These Titans are similar in appearance to the Colossus Titan in that both their surfaces are covered primarily in muscle tissue and lack skin (although the Colossus has exposed bone over the muscle tissue of its form). Their exact heights are unknown, but they are about the height of the Walls, which are 50 meters tall.


Each of the Wall Titans have the ability to produce a substance similar to the hardened skin of the Female Titan. This was used to mold the surface of the Walls with the Wall Titans acting as the central pillars.[6]


The Wall is formed

The Walls were created

In the year 743, after King Karl Fritz abandoned the conflicts of Eldia causing the Great Titan War, he fled overseas with the main branch of the Fritz royal family and remnants of the Eldian populace to Paradis Island, Eldia's last remaining undisputed territory.[7] He used the power of the Founding Titan to create and order tens of millions of Wall Titans form the three concentric Walls to protect the Eldians.[8] The King sent a message to the people of Marley, demanding that the Eldians on Paradis Island must be left alone or else the Wall Titans would "flatten the entire Earth."[9]

Over 80 years later, Dina Fritz explained this story to the Eldian Restorationists.[9]


The Female Titan arc

The Wall Titan is covered

The Wall is covered

During the battle between Eren and Annie Leonhart in the Stohess District, Annie attempts to escape by climbing the Wall but is stopped by Mikasa Ackerman. She damages part of the Wall, however, and a huge chunk is torn off, revealing the face of a mysterious Titan.[3]

The missing chunk of the Wall is immediately noticed by Mikasa. The Titan within the Wall follows Mikasa's gaze, and Minister Nick calls for the immediate covering up of the Titan, as the sunlight eventually will enable its movement.[10] After Nick ignores Hange Zoë's questions about it, he is nearly thrown off the Wall by her, but still refuses to reveal any details he might know because of the Church of the Walls' forbidden nature to disclose secrets.[11]

The Uprising arc

In the Reiss Chapel, Rod Reiss explains how the First King used the power of the Founding Titan to form the three Walls which surround humanity's territory, though the Wall Titans are not mentioned.[8]

Return to Shiganshina arc

After the surviving Survey Corps reach Grisha Yeager's basement,[12] they learn from his books the story of the formation of the Walls as it was told to the Eldian Restorationists by Dina Fritz.[9]

Marley arc

Reiner Braun recollects his past and remembers how he had infiltrated the Walls in order to take the Founding Titan and save the world by eliminating the threat of the Wall Titans.[13]

During the festival hosted by the Tybur family, Willy Tybur tells the world of the truth about the Walls, the Great Titan War, and King Karl Fritz.[14][15] He reveals that due to the King's vow of pacifism preventing the Founding Titan from being used for war, the Wall Titans were never a true threat; however, due to coup d'état in recent years, the military of Paradis Island have overthrown the previous royal government and the King's ideology of peace.[16] Now that the Founding Titan belongs to Eren Yeager, who is seemingly capable of using its powers despite not being royal and without interference from King Fritz's will, the world is truly in danger of the Wall Titans for the first time.[17] Eren himself admits this to be true.[18]

War for Paradis arc

As the Royal Government discusses Zeke's requests which were brought to them by the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, Eren reveals he is able to activate the powers of the Founding Titan by coming into contact with a royal-blooded Titan. He also states that this method can be used to awaken the Titans sleeping within the Walls without invoking the vow renouncing all war.[19]

After Kiyomi Azumabito arrives on the island, she divulges the rest of Zeke's strategy to save Eldia which involves unleashing some of the Titans inside the Walls to demonstrate its destructive power. The island would then need to keep that power in reserve for the next 50 years as Eldia catches up to the rest of the world in technology.[20]

Eren leads the Colossus Titans

The Wall Titans begin marching to destroy the world

Following Zeke's encounter with Eren, the latter is able to awaken the Titans lying dormant within Walls protecting Paradis after pleading with Ymir to lend him her powers.[21] The Titans subsequently begin to march under Eren's command to eradicate all life outside the island.[22]

In the span of a few days, the Titans were able to reach the coast of Marley and annihilate cities within its northeastern region.[23]

Other Media

The Science of Attack on Titan

In Rikao Yanagita's analysis of the Attack on Titan manga, an estimation of the amount of Wall Titans residing within the Walls is given. Using the dimensions given in Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Rikao estimates that, if the Wall Titans are all approximately 45 meters in height with a proportional 13-meter shoulder width with all Titans lined up shoulder to shoulder, there are approximately 246,000 Wall Titans within Wall Maria and a total of 585,000 Titans within all three Walls combined.[24] This conflicts with information given much later in the manga in Chapter 86, in which King Fritz's ultimatum given to Marley states that he would unleash the "tens of millions of Titans that sleep inside the Walls" if war was declared against Eldia.[25] It is unknown whether the King's claim was accurate to the Wall Titans' numbers or was mere hyperbole. Furthermore, Paradis Island's evident correlation with the real world island of Madagascar leaves no room for Walls of the sizes given in Before the Fall, meaning there may be even fewer Titans within the Walls than Rikao's estimate and Karl Fritz's claim.


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