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This article is about the eleventh arc of the Attack on Titan anime. For the manga arc, see War for Paradis arc.

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War for Paradis arc is the eleventh story arc of the Attack on Titan anime.


The Scout Regiment has returned to Paradis Island after the attack led by Eren Jaeger on Liberio, but they soon find themselves at trouble in their own land when a faction of soldiers goes rogue and attempts to seize control of the territory, intending to found a new Eldian Empire with Eren as their leader. Meanwhile, Marley prepares to launch a devastating counter-strike on the island.


Picture Number Title Air date
69 A Sound Argument
 (正論 Seiron?)
February 15, 2021
Determined Eren.png Two years ago, with assistance from Zeke Jaeger and the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, Paradis Island was put in contact with an old ally in the nation of Hizuru. Their envoy, Kiyomi Azumabito laid out the three part plan to keep the island safe until a time it will not need to rely on threatening the world with the Rumbling. However, Hizuru's assistance came from a place of greed and a year later they would not help Paradis negotiate trade with other nations in hopes of keeping any profit from Paradis's resources for themselves. Hange Zoë concluded that the Scout Regiment would have to venture out into the world themselves and meet people firsthand.

In the present, Eren Jaeger's behavior perplexes those around him, and his friends try to come to grips with the person which he currently is with the person they remember. Historia Reiss is now pregnant, which is delaying the transfer of Zeke's Beast Titan to her out of concern that the process could harm her or even kill her unborn child.

Picture Number Title Air date
70 Deceiver
 (偽り者 Itsuwari Mono?)
February 22, 2021
Floch accepts his confinement.png Gabi Braun and Falco Grice escape prison and take refuge with the Braus family, who accept them as a pair of runaways. Kaya, one of the orphans who lives and works with them, is aware that the two are actually from Marley and takes them to where her mother was killed by a Titan four years ago. She asks them what her mother had done to deserve such a gruesome death, and is unable to accept Gabi's rhetoric about needing to pay for the sins of Eldians committed long ago. Falco explains that her mother was a victim of circumstance during an earlier mission and after coming to terms with that, Kaya offers to take them to meet a Marleyan at the restaurant the Braus family is going to, in hopes of finding a way to get Gabi and Falco home.

Elsewhere, Hange Zoë is forced to deal with insubordination when Floch Forster and three other members of the Scout Regiment are caught leaking information about Eren Jaeger's imprisonment. In Marley, the military has realized that Zeke Jaeger has faked his death and likely sided with Paradis Island. Rather than wait six months for a global offensive, Reiner Braun suggests they make a surprise attack before Zeke can come up with a defensive plan.

Picture Number Title Air date
71 Guides
 (導く者 Michibiku Mono?)
March 1, 2021
Eren in prison.png Yelena admits to Dot Pyxis that ten months ago, she secretly met with Eren Jaeger, requesting that he apply pressure on the military to act. She suspected that left to their own devices, the military would debate and put matters off until it was too late. Not even the other Anti-Marleyan Volunteers were aware. Onyankopon tells Hange Zoë that Yelena was the one who organized them, and friends who doubted them tended to die "accidental" deaths.

At headquarters, Dhalis Zachary is killed by a bomb placed by Jaegerists hidden in the military. Around a hundred soldiers openly defect in support of Eren, many of them from the Scout Regiment. Knowing that Eren's followers want to connect him with his brother Zeke, Pyxis tightens security to use Zeke's location as a bargaining chip. Hange believes that Zeke planned for this eventuality, so they want to look into Yelena's placement of Marleyan prisoners in certain lines of work.

Picture Number Title Air date
72 Children of the Forest
 (森の子ら Mori no Kora?)
March 8, 2021
Kaya points Nicolo to Gabi and Falco.png Zeke Jaeger claims to have used gas mixed with his spinal fluid to transform the villagers of Ragako four years ago. He says he did not want to do it, but it was to provide cover while he was working for Marley. Levi Ackermann distrusts him though, because regardless of which side Zeke is truly working for, he does not seem to regret the lives taken.

Nicolo treats the Braus family at the restaurant where he works. Gabi Braun and Falco Grice make contact with him, in hopes of finding a way home, but Nicolo attacks her with a wine bottle when he learns that she is the one who killed Sasha Braus. Falco takes the brunt of the attack for her and is knocked unconscious. Both the Braus family and the Scouts intervene with Artur Braus choosing to forgo revenge. Subdued, Nicolo asks the Scouts to clean the wine out of Falco's mouth because it is probably tainted with Zeke's spinal fluid. Before they can finish bathing Falco, Eren and the Jaegerists arrive and take everyone hostage.

Picture Number Title Air date
73 Savagery
 (暴悪 Bōaku?)
March 15, 2021 (interrupted)
March 22, 2021 (completed)
Stunned Levi.png While Gabi Braun sits nervously, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlelt sit down to talk. Armin questions Eren over attacking Liberio. Eren declares that he chose to do so of his own free will, though Mikasa disagrees, believing that he is being manipulated. Angered, he begins chastising the two for lacking freedom: Armin for being manipulated by Bertholdt Hoover's memories, and Mikasa for her Ackermann heritage. Speaking in disgust, Eren tells Mikasa that he has always hated her. Armin and Eren begin a fist fight, though the former is quickly beaten.

Elsewhere, Levi Ackermann is informed about Dhalis Zachary's death, and tells the courier to let Dot Pyxis know of his plan to have Zeke eaten. As Levi is lost in his thoughts, Zeke darts off and lets out a scream. Levi's comrades fall from the surrounding trees, transformed into Titans. Levi is hesitant, but he soon steels himself to sacrifice the horde and begins ripping through them. He later catches up to Zeke and forces him to become the Beast Titan; however, Levi takes advantage of the Titan Forest to defeat him. Zeke's unconscious body is dragged out of the forest. Meanwhile, Floch Forster leads the Jaegerists to the Cadet Corps division in Shiganshina District.

Picture Number Title Air date
74 Sole Salvation
 (唯一の救い Yuiitsu no Sukui?)
March 22, 2021
Child Zeke with his parents.png Zeke Jaeger recalls his childhood and how he was forced to become part of his parents' plan to free Eldia from Marley. He becomes friends with Tom Xaver, a member of the Titan research team and vows to inherit the Beast Titan from him. He goes on to say he will ensure the success of the plan to take back the Founding Titan. After recalling his memories, Zeke triggers the Thunder Spear, detonating it and catching Levi Ackermann by surprise.

Picture Number Title Air date
75 Above and Below
 (天地 Tenchi?)
March 29, 2021
Yelena and the Volunteers.png Floch Forster, Hange Zoë, and a number of Jaegerists are traveling to a Forest of Giant Trees when they hear the explosion caused by Zeke Jaeger triggering a Thunder Spear. As Zeke succumbs to his wounds, a Titan crawls up to him and tears open its belly, stuffing his body inside.

Meanwhile, Yelena has Dot Pyxis and other dissenting members of the military assembled in Shiganshina District. Eren Jaeger goes to meet with the imprisoned Gabi Braun, to have her send out a distress call to Marley in exchange for saving Falco Grice. However, a disguised Pieck approaches Eren and claims she wishes to help him destroy Marley. As a proof of her intentions, she offers to show Eren the location of her fellow spies in Paradis Island.

Picture Number Title Air date
76 Judgment
 (断罪 Danzai?)
January 10, 2022
Eren faces off Reiner in Shiganshina.png The Marleyan invasion of Shiganshina District begins in earnest. Porco Galliard, Pieck Finger, and Gabi Braun escape their rooftop confrontation with Eren Jaeger and meet up with General Theo Magath who has brought a fleet of airships and army of soldiers with him. They outfit Pieck's Cart Titan as a mobile artillery platform in order to take down Eren's Founding Titan. Because he has not used its power yet, they suspect he can only do so when united with Zeke Jaeger.

Eren fights along with the Jaegerists against the Marleyans, but is gradually overwhelmed between the opposing Titans and the constant shelling. Onyankopon fears that he will ultimately lose and be eaten. He runs to free Eren's friends, who have been imprisoned inside their own military headquarters, but is greeted with skepticism. They would like to stop the invasion, but helping Eren also means supporting the euthanization plan they do not approve of. Armin Arlelt tries suggesting that Eren is only appearing to cooperate with Yelena in order to keep her in line, but his words are met with silence.

Picture Number Title Air date
77 Sneak Attack
 ( (だま) し討ち Damashi uchi?)
January 17, 2022
Armin listens to the others discussing.png Eren Jaeger is granted a reprieve by the timely arrival of his older brother Zeke, who begins fending off the other Titans attacking him as well as assaulting the Marleyan airships up above. After some coercion, the previously imprisoned soldiers who did not cooperate with the Jaegerists are freed so they can help defend Paradis Island. Those who have not drunk the wine tainted by Zeke's spinal fluid are given omni-directional mobility gear and the remainder organize on foot under Dot Pyxis. Reinforcing Eren proves difficult however, and a ruse from Pieck Finger and Theo Magath give them a free shot with their artillery at Zeke, knocking his Beast Titan off of Wall Maria.

When Falco Grice leaves the headquarters along with the formerly imprisoned soldiers, he spots his brother Colt. Nile Dawk reunites the two under the pretense of restraining Falco in a house, and the brothers leave along with Gabi Braun, who finally realizes that there are no devils on the island, just people. She apologizes to Falco for getting him involved, which prompts him to confess his feelings for her, since he is afraid he could turn into a Titan soon. On hearing that Falco drank the spinal fluid, Colt rushes them to Zeke, hoping that he will not scream if Falco is among the afflicted.

Picture Number Title Air date
78 Two Brothers
 (兄と弟 Ani to Otōto?)
January 24, 2022
Falco talks to Colt.png Colt Grice pleads with Zeke Jaeger to not use the Beast Titan's scream so his brother Falco is not transformed into a Titan. Zeke understands and likens Colt' s care for Falco to his care for Eren. Unfortunately, he proceeds to transform not just Falco, but every soldier in Shiganshina District who drank his spinal fluid. The Titans begin attacking the invading Marleyan military and Zeke commands the newly transformed Falco to attack Reiner Braun and free his own brother, Eren.

Zeke is shot through the nape by Theo Magath and his artillery crew, but survives by playing dead and allowing his Beast Titan to dissolve. Realizing this, Eren traps Reiner by grabbing him and hardening his Titan, while escaping out the nape. He runs on foot to join Zeke, but is decapitated by Gabi Braun, who shoots him through the neck with a high-caliber, anti-Titan rifle. Eren wakes in the Paths with Zeke, who explains that this is where the royal family would command their ancestor Ymir to do their bidding. When Eren refuses to go along with the Eldian euthanasia plan, Zeke vows to use her power to force Eren see things his way.

Picture Number Title Air date
79 Memories of the Future
 (未来の記憶 Mirai no Kioku?)
January 31, 2022
Jaeger brothers traverse memories.png Zeke and Eren Jaeger travel through their father Grisha's memories as Zeke attempts to show Eren that Grisha only cared about him as a tool. However, he instead sees Grisha giving Eren freedom that Zeke never had as a child. Eren's determination and willingness to fight for his freedom are things he has always had on his own. When Grisha reacts to their presence in his memories, Zeke is surprised that Grisha has not forgotten about him.

The day Wall Maria falls, they see Grisha confront Frieda Reiss in the underground chapel. Due to the vow to renounce war, she refuses to save the people of Wall Maria and insists the Eldians atone for their ancestors' crimes by accepting the world's hatred of them. Grisha reveals that he was led here by future memories he received through the Attack Titan. He plans to kill her to obtain the Founding Titan and end the royal bloodline, but falters because he does not want to murder children. Eren intervenes, and using the fact Grisha can hear him through his future memories, convinces Grisha to go ahead with the attack. Following the massacre, Grisha apologizes to Zeke, saying he was a terrible father, and asks him to stop Eren.

Picture Number Title Air date
80 From You, 2,000 Years Ago
 (二千年前の君から Nisen-nen Mae no Kimi Kara?)
February 7, 2022
Historia talks with Frieda.png Zeke Jaeger is pushed out of Grisha's memories after learning that Eren manipulated their father into taking the Founding Titan from the King of the Walls. However, Zeke realizes that Eren's ability to see the future has limitations, so he orders Ymir Fritz to remove the ability of all Eldians to reproduce. Eren breaks free of his chains to chase after her, and in doing so, learns her past.

Ymir was enslaved as a child and while being hunted for sport, she came into contact with a mysterious creature that transformed her into a massive Titan. The leader of the tribe who enslaved her used her and her new power to expand the fortunes of his people and attack Marley. He had three daughters with her before Ymir died, saving him from an assassination attempt. After her death, her daughters were ordered to consume her flesh in order to keep her powers. Eren realizes her pain and tells Ymir she does not have to be a slave, and has a choice. In response, in the outside world, the Walls come down and the Rumbling begins.

Picture Number Title Air date
81 Thaw
 (氷解 Hyōkai?)
February 14, 2022
The Wall Titans marching.png The Titans created by Zeke Jaeger now run amok in Shiganshina District as Eren and the Wall Titans march to trample the rest of the world. Armin Arlelt, Mikasa Ackermann, and Jean Kirschtein rally the district's defense as Conny Springer escapes with an unconscious Falco Grice, whom he plans to feed to his his mother to make her human again.

In the Titan-filled streets, Gabi Braun saves Kaya from a Titan and the rift between the two begins to mend. After the fighting dies down, the Braus family takes her to meet Armin and Mikasa. She explains her intent to find Falco and then leave, but is horrified to learn of Conny's plans. Gabi pleads with Armin to talk with Eren so everyone outside the island does not have to die, asking that he hit specific targets like he undid the Armored Titan's hardening. On hearing this, Armin realizes that all Titan hardening has been undone, not just the Walls', which means that Annie Leonhart is now free.

Picture Number Title Air date
82 Sunset
 (夕焼け Yūyake?)
February 21, 2022
Hitch confronts Annie.png Hitch Dreyse unexpectedly reunites with Annie Leonhart and helps her escape the ruins of Trost District following the collapse of the Walls and the march of the Wall Titans. Annie explains the complex feelings that brought her this far and how the one thing she wants to do now is reunite with her father. Leonhart, however, has problems of his own as he and the other Eldians in Liberio's internment zone try convincing the guards of the imminent rumbling to no avail.

Meanwhile, Armin Arlelt and Gabi Braun try catching up with Conny Springer before he can sacrifice Falco Grice to make his mother human again. Floch solidifies his control over what remains of Paradis Island's military, explaining that Eren Jaeger confided his plans to him ten months ago. Outside Shiganshina District, Hange Zoë approaches Pieck Finger and Theo Magath to talk.

Picture Number Title Air date
83 Pride
 ( (きょう)  Kyōji?)
February 28, 2022
Conny threatens Falco.png Hange Zoë and Levi Ackermann establish an agreement to work together with Theo Magath and Pieck Finger. Meanwhile, Armin Arlelt tries to save Falco Grice from Conny Springer's attempt to feed him to his mother's Titan in order to restore her humanity. Realizing that Armin means to sacrifice himself instead, Conny drops Falco to save Armin and the two reconcile with Conny resolving to save others and become a soldier his mother would be proud of.

Back in Shiganshina District, Floch Forster begins the execution proceedings for Yelena and Onyankopon, and reads out their crimes against the Eldian Empire. Onyankopon tries appealing to Jean Kirschtein for understanding, and Jean takes out a gun, firing four times. This turns out to be a signal and the Cart Titan charges in and escapes after snatching Jean and the captives in its mouth. At the same time the Jaegerist soldiers are distracted by the Cart Titan, Armin and his group escape out the other side of the fort, taking wagons of supplies with them.

Picture Number Title Air date
84 Night of the End
 (終末の夜 Shūmatsu no Yoru?)
March 7, 2022
Hange is alerted.png The portion of the Scout Regiment still led by Hange Zoë shares an uneasy campfire with Theo Magath and the remaining Warriors. The two sides are suspicious of each other given their respective histories and Annie Leonhart's skepticism that Eren Jaeger's friends will be able to kill him in the event that diplomacy fails. Yelena tries to fan the flames of that division, but largely fails until she brings up the death of Marco Bodt.

Reiner Braun takes responsibility for that, but overemphasizes his feelings of guilt to Jean Kirschtein, who does not want to hear how awful Reiner feels about it. He begins to beat down Reiner, only to hit Gabi Braun by accident when she tries to protect her cousin. Gabi understands that Jean has good reasons for hating the Warriors, but pleads with him to help save her family in Liberio. Though he needs time to cool off, Jean agrees and the combined group heads towards the port where they expect to find a flying boat they can use to chase after Eren.

Picture Number Title Air date
85 Traitor
 (裏切り者 Uragirimono?)
March 14, 2022
Armin and Conny talk to Samuel and Daz.png The combined forces of Hange Zoë's remaining Scouts and Theo Magath's remaining Warriors plan on escaping Paradis Island on the flying boat, which is kept in the Jaegerist occupied port. In order to do this, they need to prevent the flying boat's destruction by the Jaegerists and rescue the Azumabito family who are the only ones capable of servicing the aircraft.

Armin Arlelt and Conny Springer attempt this through a peaceful deception, pretending to need the flying boat in order to chase after the Cart and Armored Titans, but when Floch Forster decides it would be safer to eliminate the Azumabito, the combined group is forced into a battle. The Azumabito are guided to the basement by Mikasa Ackermann and others, where they can be protected while Annie Leonhart and Reiner Braun use their Titans to fight the Jaegerists. At the dock, Conny is forced to kill Daz and Samuel Linke-Jackson in order to save Armin's life and prevent the destruction of the flying boat.

Picture Number Title Air date
86 Retrospective
 (懐古 Kaiko?)
March 21, 2022
Magath laments the situation.png Upon learning that the Azumabito mechanics need a minimum of half a day in order to prepare the flying boat for take off, Theo Magath agrees to Kiyomi Azumbabito's suggestion that they escape the port on the Azumabito ship and tow the flying boat with them to Odiha in Marley where her family has a hanger. Though Liberio will be lost to the delay, Odiha is far enough away that they should arrive before the rumbling.

Hange Zoë and Magath's combined forces manage to repel the Jaegerists long enough for everyone to board the ship, though they are briefly delayed by the rampage of Falco Grice's first transformation as the Jaw Titan. After seeing everyone on board, Magath orders Onyankopon to set sail while he stays behind. Together with Keith Sadies, Magath boards a captured Marleyan cruiser capable of catching up to the Azumabito ship. He and Keith exchange words of mutual respect before blowing up the ship's magazine and sinking the cruiser.

Picture Number Title Air date
87 The Dawn of Humanity
 (人類の夜明け Jinrui no Yoake?)
April 4, 2022
Eren talks to Zeke.png Mikasa Ackermann recalls the Scout Regiment's first trip to Marley, where they had joyful moments such as discovering ice cream and connecting with refugees from the Marley Mid-East War, but also disappointments, in that the Subjects of Ymir Protection Group was not the ally the Scouts hoped they would be. That was when Eren Jaeger left the Scouts and began operating on his own, telling them that he would follow his brother Zeke's plan. Mikasa wonders if they could have made choices so things would have turned out differently.

Meanwhile, Eren recalls the events that had led him here; how he had met Yelena and learned of Zeke's euthanasia plan, how he had confided in Floch Forster that he would only pretend to go along with Zeke's plan when in reality he would use the rumbling to wipe out the rest of the world, and how he had tried and failed to persuade Historia Reiss to fight or flee before the Military Police turned her into a Titan to eat Zeke. A fleet of ships tries to stop Eren's army of Wall Titans, but fails, and his Titans finally arrive at Marley's shores.