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This article is about the 42nd chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the organization, see Warrior Unit.

Quote1.png I don't know...what's right anymore.... But...I do know that I have to face the consequences of my actions...and carry out my duty as a Warrior to the end. Quote2.png
— Reiner decides that the time has come

Warrior (戦士 Senshi?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 10th volume and the 42nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


The soldiers come back to the top of Wall Rose, tired and wounded after their battle in Utgard Castle. Hange and Historia are talking about Ymir and Eren talks with Reiner and Bertolt about what they have been through. Remembering his hometown, Reiner confesses to Eren that he is the Armored Titan and Bertolt is the Colossus Titan. Eren thinks back to some hours earlier in Ehrmich District when the Survey Corps began to suspect this possibility. After confessing, Reiner understands that he must accept the consequences of what he has done and reveals his regenerative power by taking the bandages off his arm. After this, Mikasa tries to kill both of them, but fails and is only able to seriously wound them. The two then turn into their Titan forms and try to kidnap Eren. However, Eren also transforms and begins a battle between himself and the Armored Titan.


While Ymir is still recovering from her previous battle, Historia is pleading with Hange to understand the truth behind Ymir’s actions, despite the recent revelation that she has the power of the Titans all along. Hange accedes to Historia’s plea, and also addresses her as “Historia” from there on, having learned of her true name and her background as a member of the noble Reiss family.

Hannes reports back that there is no hole

Meanwhile, Eren, Armin, Reiner, and Bertolt are having a discussion related to their recent skirmish. When Eren makes mention of them having passed their hometown, Bertolt exclaims to Reiner that it is time to return home. But just before this peculiar declaration can continue, Captain Hannes regroups with Hange and the rest atop the Wall, to deliver the report that there is, in fact, no breach in Wall Rose. This leaves them startled, as Hannes continues by stating that both Trost District and Krolva District had no Wall abnormalities, as well as the fact that he has not encountered a single Titan during the mission. In the end, Hange decides that the operation to plug the Wall should be called off, and that the others and herself will position for standby in Trost District.

As Eren, Mikasa, and Armin stand perplexed over these bizarre events, Reiner calls to Eren, wishing to speak with him in private. As Hange’s team leaves, Reiner nonchalantly tells Eren that he and Bertolt destroyed the Wall five years ago, that he is the Armored Titan, and that Bertolt is the Colossus Titan. Eren is quick to reject this, and Bertolt is distressed about Reiner’s sudden act. After revealing the details of their original mission, Reiner then claims that if Eren comes with them, they will not attack the Walls again. Eren is argumentative towards this sudden circumstance at first.

Eren thinks back to the time a few hours before in Ehrmich District. Hange is reading the report concerning Annie Leonhart's background. Hange reveals that Annie’s place of origin is similar to that of Reiner Braun’s and Bertolt Hoover’s. The recruits say both Reiner and Bertolt were close to Eren during their trainee days in the 104th, but Annie was comparatively reclusive. Armin, Eren, and Mikasa state that Annie was never close to Reiner and Bertolt. But then Armin recalls his experience during Annie’s attack as the Female Titan on the Survey Corps' expedition. To respond to Hange’s inquiry about their possible interest in Eren’s location, Armin admitted that he gave Reiner an estimated guess as to his whereabouts. Not only that, but he theorized that when Reiner was in the Female Titan's grip, he must have cut letters into Annie’s palm before he escaped, which would explain why Annie changed course while continuing pursuit.

Mikasa brutally attacks Reiner

Back on Wall Rose, Eren tells Reiner that he is simply tired from all these recent events, to which Bertolt concurs. Reiner then becomes restless, believing that he was “surrounded by idiots” all these years within the Walls, feeling as though he had become feeble, having forgotten about his original mission. He removes the cast from his right arm and it regenerates while Reiner declares that he must carry out his duty as a Warrior to the end. Bertolt panics at Reiner’s decision to act at this point in time. Just as Reiner is about to make his move, Mikasa jumps in and lops off Reiner’s right hand and strikes at Bertolt’s neck in an attempt to decapitate them both. Mikasa screams at Eren to flee the area before being tackled off the Wall by Reiner. Armin and Hange’s team run to the scene. For one brief moment, Reiner and Bertolt stand before Eren, until they transform into Titans, their forms exactly as Reiner said.

Reiner and Bertolt reveal their identities

The Armored Titan takes hold of Eren, while a half-formed Colossus Titan snatches the still-unconscious Ymir. As Reiner slides off the Wall to escape, Eren’s memories erupt, of his trainee years having been acquainted with them. Now seeing them as traitors, he manages to free his left arm and bite into his thumb, transforming into his Titan form to do battle with the Armored Titan.

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