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This article is about the Eldian soldiers in service of Marley. For the episode of the same name, see Warrior (Episode).

Quote1 The Marley government needed Subjects of Ymir to serve as vessels for the Nine Titans and become Marleyan Warriors. Quote2
— Grisha Jaeger states Marley's new Warrior program[2]

The Warriors (戦士 Senshi?) or the Warrior Unit, were a special unit of the Marleyan military. Its members were the Subjects of Ymir under Marleyan control who were given the power to transform into one of the Nine Titans.[3][4] Their primary objective was to seize the Founding Titan, which they call the "Coordinate," and bring it to Marley.[5][6]


Reiner Porco and Colt in a room

Warriors Reiner Braun, Porco Galliard, and Colt Grice in 854

The Marleyan Warriors were expected to carry out the needs of their superiors without question or objection, sacrificing their whole lives for the nation of Marley if it was needed. Since Marley, after the Great Titan War, focused on using the power of the Titans in order to establish itself as the global superpower, the Warriors were used extensively in multiple wars of conquest beyond the country's borders. Due to their powers, the Warriors were usually given the most important missions by their Marleyan superiors, attacking enemy military bases and facilities, and destroying important ennemy cities. Though in more recent years, due to the rarity of the Warriors, and the technological advancements made by other major nations in order to counter Marley's Titans, efforts had been taken to ensure that they would not be put into dangerous situations which could have led to the loss of one of them.

Young Reiner threatening Porco

Reiner as a Warrior candidate threating to report his comrade Porco for treason

Because of their status as Subjects of Ymir, a race despised by the different peoples of the world, they were considered as "devil-blooded" and "filthy", and them being Warriors was seen as a means to atone for their ancestors' sins and them having filthy blood by remaining completely devoted to the Marleyan state and being ready to do anything for the benefit of the country. Just as in civilian society, the Eldians who were part of the Warrior program were brainwashed into despising their ancestors and themselves for the sole reason of existing, because of the countless atrocities enacted by the Eldian Empire on Marley and the rest of the world for millenia. The Warriors were encouraged to be cautious of any one of their comrades demonstrating treachorous behavior and ideologies against Marley.

Falco reciting an oath

Warrior candidate Falco Grice reciting an oath praising Marley

The Warriors were also brainwashed by Marley in hating their fellow Eldians from Paradis Island, who were considered to be "island devils", being responsible for the terrible daily oppression the mainland Eldians experience in the internment zones, and the theory that they were scheming in order to use the Wall Titans to enact the Rumbling, so that they subjugate the world and repeat the same crimes committed by their ancestors. Thus, the Warriors were told to believe that they were the ones who have the duty to save the world from the "island devils". The Warriors learned many oaths that they needed to recite whenever they were asked to by superior officers, consisting in praising the nation of Marley and the privilege of serving the country, while cursing their own blood and ancestors for being descendants of devils.

The Marleyan Warriors with the power of the Titans had served as the main force of the Paradis Island Operation, a critical operation for Marley in which the Founding Titan had to be taken from the royal family within the Walls. This mission began in the year 845 during the fall of Wall Maria and lasted nine years. However, the operation was officially a failure, since the Founder Eren Jaeger enacted the Rumbling and ravaged most of the Marleyan mainland.


Marleyan military

Magath and other officers

A group of Marleyans officer in charge of the Warrior program

The Warrior program was under the authority of high-ranking Marleyan officers. The commanding officer in charge of the supervision and training of the Eldians part of the program after it was instituted was Commander Theo Magath, before he became the military's general after the death of Calvi. Magath was supplanted by many other Marleyan officers from varying ranks who helped him control and train the thousands of Eldians who had been offered by their families to become Warriors. As in civilian society, those Marleyans superiors were extremely harsh on the Eldians, and implemented severe harassment and punishment whenever the candidates or Warrior Titans did not meet the expected goals, or did not demonstrate enough devotion for the Marleyan state.


Reiner as a Warrior volunteer

Young Reiner Braun in his early days training to be a Warrior candidate

Warriors were selected from a pool of volunteer children who were also Subjects of Ymir. These volunteers were boys and girls in healthy state from 5 to 7 years old. These children were given the same armbands as the one given to the Eldians who are forcefully conscripted into the Marleyan military and sent to foreign battlefields: the grey one, that they wore even outside of training. The first phase of selection was then pursued, with the children enduring harsh training exercices in order to be admitted to the next phase of selection, such as running with heavy equipment and a rifle in the rain, hand-to-hand combat, shooting precision or theoretical evaluations.

Warrior Candidates

Warrior candidates in the Mid-East post battle

A group of Warrior candidates in the Mid-East in 854

The Subjects of Ymir who were accepted into the second phase of selection were then officially considered as Warrior Candidates (戦士候補生 Senshi kōho-sei?), and were given a special Eldian armband: the yellow one. Warrior candidates were then selected in order to be given the privilege to inherit one of Marley's Titans that the country acquired during the Great Titan War. The training was even more intense and selective, because of the very rare number of Titans. As such, there were dozens of candidates fighting for only one place. Due to small numbers of available Titans, the Warrior candidates varied greatly in age: they could go from small prepubescent children to late teenagers or early adults, which was the case for Porco Galliard and Colt Grice.

Titan Warriors

Porco Reiner and Pieck at the Warrior HQ

A group of Titan Warriors with the red armband in Liberio in 854

The very few who had the privilege of being given one of Marley's Titans were then given a special armband and a new status in society: the red armband, indicating that they had officially become Honorary Marleyans alongside their immediate family members, granting them special privileges from the other Eldians families in Marley, such as better medical treatment, and more respect from their Marleyan superiors.


Warrior HQ courtyard

A group of Warrior candidates gathered at one of the HQ's courtyards

The Warriors' Headquarters, now destroyed by the Rumbling, was located in Liberio near the city's internment zone, which seemed to be the largest and the most important one in the entire country. A considerable part of the Warriors' training was done in this building, especially theoretical classes where the intelligence of the candidates was put in concurrence. Other training exercices were made at the HQ such as rifle assembling, or hand-to-hand combat in one of the building's courtyard.


As the main force of the Marleyan army, the Warriors were mostly used for ground based combat, assisting the country's ground forces in battle. Because of this, they were provided the same uniforms worn by the army, with the special uniforms given for Eldians in order to differentiate them from Marleyan soldiers of other races and ethnicities.

Kaki Warrior uniform

Warrior candidates in the kaki uniform given for training

Outside of combat, the Warrior candidates were given many uniforms in training. They were usually seen wearing the all-white Eldian version of the Marleyan army uniform without the suspender straps and the black supply packs. The two other known uniforms consisted in a white short-sleeve military shirt, alongside a green short going up to the knees with brown small leather boots, while the other one consisted in a full kaki uniform with high black military boots.

Obviously, as in civilian society, the Warriors wore their armbands at all times whenever they were not inside their households. Under special circumstances, they were allowed to take off their armbands if given permission by a Marleyan superior.


Magath with Zeke

Marleyan commander Magath with the then Warrior Warchief Zeke

Having been raised with Marleyan propaganda from a young age, the Warriors followed the orders of their superiors without question. For some, this was done out of blind faith to Marley and an honest belief in the information they had been indoctrinated with. For others, they followed their superiors knowing that disobedience would result in death or worse. Regardless of reasoning, the Warriors abided by their sense of duty to the nation of Marley under all circumstances.[4]

It appears that when outside of Marleyan influence, the Warriors followed a system of "might-makes-right" when settling disagreements. An example of this is during the early stages of the Paradis Island Operation: after Marcel Galliard was eaten by a random Titan, Annie Leonhart voted to return back to Marley while Reiner Braun insisted they continue the mission. This led to a fight that Reiner won, having Annie and their remaining comrade Bertholdt Hoover help him continue on with the mission.[4] Another instance of this occurring is the disagreement between Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover against Zeke Jaeger over the fate of their fellow Warrior Annie Leonhart. While Reiner and Bertholdt wanted to venture back into the Walls in order to rescue Annie, Zeke prioritized obtaining the Founding Titan from Eren Jaeger, who would inevitably travel to Shiganshina District in search of the answers within their father's basement. The decision was made only after a brawl between Reiner's Armored Titan and Zeke's Beast Titan in which the latter brutally overpowered the former, receiving little to no injury in the process. With Zeke being the victor, his choice was the decided course of action.[7]

The Warriors had been extremely secretive due to the nature of their mission. For five years, the identities of the Warriors who began the attack on humanity remained unknown until Annie Leonhart was the first to be caught.[8] The remaining two Warriors, Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover, were only discovered to be enemies of the Eldians of Paradis after a link was discovered between them and Annie. Despite apparent friendships formed with their comrades, the Warriors continued to follow their true mission without question.[6]


In the early 830s, the Marleyan government announced the Warrior program to the Eldian populations of the country, in order to train Subjects of Ymir from their early ages so that they could inherit the different Titans owned by Marley in order to infiltrate Paradis Island in the near future, with the objective of obtaining the Founding Titan, resulting in Marley conquering the entire island and acquire its natural resources, thus consolidating the country's status as the undisputed global superpower.

Zeke training

Young Zeke training as a Warrior candidate

Grisha Jaeger and Dina Fritz, then members of Liberio's Eldian Restorationists, a group desiring to overthrow Marley and bring Eldia back to power, decided send their son Zeke, who has royal blood from his mother's side, to become one of the Marleyan Warriors, with the objective for him to prevent the Founding Titan from falling Marley's hands. Zeke then became a Warrior candidate, but had many difficulties in training, leading to him being emotionally distraught by the pressure exerted from his father and the constant harsh critics from his Marleyan instructor Theo Magath. Seeing his difficulties in training, the Beast Titan at the time, Tom Xaver, felt bad for him and decided to bond with him, developing a parent-son relationship with Zeke which would last for many years.

Zeke conspiring with Xaver

Zeke conspired with Xaver

One day, while cleaning the Warriors’ HQ corridors after multiple failures in training, Zeke overheard Marleyan Public Security officers mentioning his parents’ underground rebel group, gathering information and claiming to be close to have enough intel to arrest them all. Tom Xaver convinced him to snitch out his parents to Marley in order to save himself and his grandparents, which Zeke eventually did. With this, Zeke totally gained his Marleyan superiors’ trust and managed to rise through the ranks in the Warrior program, becoming the next in line to inherit Tom Xaver’s Titan. Many years later during his teenage years, after learning about Xavers’ true reasons for having decided to become a Marleyan Warrior, Zeke decided that he would use his powers to erase the Titans from the world by making Subjects of Ymir unable to have children. Xaver kept this a secret and gave him his powers in 842, wishing that Zeke would one day be able to make his plan come into fruition.

Titans destroyed an enemy nation capital city after Zeke's scream

Titans destroyed an enemy nation capital city after Zeke's scream

In 844, a group of younger Warrior candidates inherited the five other Titans under Marleyan control : Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, Marcel Galliard, Pieck Finger, and Bertholdt Hoover. The Marleyan military made them test their newly gained powers in a war against a southern enemy nation, which was totally effective. The same year, Zeke used his unique powers discovered by the Marleyans after he inherited his Beast Titan, not knowing that it was due to the royal blood flowing within him, to transform hundreds of Eldians who have been administrated his spinal fluid and were smuggled inside an enemy nation's capital city.

Warriors going to Paradis

The Warriors left Liberio towards Paradis

The Marleyan military decided to give the keys to the Paradis Island Operation to Marcel, Reiner, Annie and Bertholdt while Zeke and Pieck remained on the mainland in order to deter other enemy nations from attacking Marley. In the year 845, the Warriors were sent to Paradis Island. The very first day, Marcel Galliard got eaten by a Titan sleeping underground, but the three remaining Warriors decided to continue on with the mission.


Marley arc

After the failure of the Paradis Island Operation, the mission was postponed due to multiple nations declaring war upon Marley after allying to form the Mid-East Alliance, resulting from the loss of the Female and Colossal Titans being made public. Because of the nature of the conflict, which was mostly fought on the seas, Marley’s Titans and Warriors didn’t have much opportunity to use their powers to the fullest of their capabilities.

Zeke on the airship

Reiner and Zeke before entering the battlefield

The situation changed during the final battle of the conflict, at Fort Slava, where the Warriors managed to help Marley win the war. After the Warrior candidate to inherit the Armored Titan, Gabi Braun single handedly destroyed an anti-Titan tank guarding the fort, Pieck and Porco were able to kill many Mid-East soldiers in the trenches and bunkers outside the fort, alongside the help of soldiers from the Eldian Unit. With that, the Airborne Unit is able to bomb the fort by air with the transformed Eldian prisoners inside the airship, with Reiner managing to destroy the remaining anti-Titan cannons atop Fort Slava’s walls with the help of Porco. Then, Zeke used anti-Titan artillery shells stored inside some of the buildings in the fort to crush the Mid-East navy stationed in the harbor beneath the fort, destroying the enemy’s last defenses, thus ending the conflict once and for all. Before succeeding, the fleet managed to fire many shells towards the Beast, but he is saved in-extremis by Reiner who takes all the damage for himself.

Pieck and Porco

Pieck and Porco relaxing after the battle

In the following days, the Warriors would stay in the port city close to the fort alongside the rest of the Marleyan military, in order to rest after the intense battle. Zeke and Colt take part to a military meeting composed of some of the Marleyan military’s highest ranking officers, including general Calvi, in which Zeke would convince the general to resume the Paradis Island Operation. The Warriors are then brought back to their hometown of Liberio, but quickly resume training for the candidates, and military meetings for the Warrior Titans, in order to prepare for the upcoming operations on Paradis Island.

Porco saved by Reiner in Liberio

Porco is saved by Reiner

A month after the end of the conflict with the Mid-East, a festival is organized in Liberio’s internment zone, culminating in a speech from Willy Tybur, the family’s leader, where he convinced the world’s ambassadors invited to the city to help assisting Marley in the extermination of the Eldians of Paradis Island because of the threat of the Rumbling. At the end of his speech, Eren Jaeger attacked by eating Willy Tybur and slaughtering the gathered Marleyan military officers, and a large battle then ensues. This battle proves to be a calamity for the Warriors and Marley, losing the Beast and War Hammer Titans to the Eldians of Paradis, alongside the country’s primary naval port and fleet. The Cart Titan loses her entire Panzer Unit, while the Armored and Jaw Titans are defeated by Eren’s Attack Titan, with the latter escaping nearly being eaten and his Jaw powers acquired by Eren thanks to Reiner sacrificing himself to save Porco. Warrior candidates Gabi Braun and Falco Grice manage to get inside the airships used by the retreating Eldians and are apprehended after Gabi killed one of their soldiers.

War for Paradis arc

Pieck and Reiner

Reiner and Pieck listening to Magath's informations

In the following days of the battle, the remaining Warriors are gathered by Magath. The new general after the death of Calvi announces to Reiner, Pieck, Porco and Colt that Zeke was a traitor who worked with the forces from Paradis, and faked his death in order to escape with them from the mainland, and that the attack convinced the world’s nations to join hands with Marley against the Eldians of Paradis Island, preparing for a large scale attack due in six months. The Warriors aren’t on board with the plan, with Colt wanting to save Gabi and Falco from the island as soon as possible, and Pieck telling to Magath that losing the two candidates would be a huge blow to Marley considering the amount of time needed to train new effective Warrior candidates, while Reiner suggests for Marley to launch a surprise attack without waiting for the Global Alliance in order to counter whatever plan Eren and Zeke are preparing.

Porco moments before dying

Porco moments before dying

A month afterwards, Pieck and Porco go ahead of Marleyan forces by infiltrating the island and joining the Jaegerist ranks, managing to attack Eren in Shiganshina, forcing him to transform, giving signal for Marley to launch its surprise attack on Paradis Island. An intense battle then ensues in Shiganshina, with the Warriors facing both Eren and his powers, and the Eldian soldiers present in the city. It culminates with Eren enacting the Rumbling after coming into contact with Zeke, while Falco inherits Porco’s Titan by eating him after having been transformed as a Titan next to his brother Colt, who got killed because of the transformation, due to having injected Zeke’s spinal fluid unwillingly a couple hours prior.

Hange and Cart Titan

Hange Zoë talking with Pieck in her Cart Titan form

Due to Eren undoing all hardening on Paradis Island by enacting the Rumbling, Annie is freed from her crystal in the city of Stohess. She is then helped by former Military Police roomate Hitch Dreyse to escape the city and go southwards. After meeting with Armin, Connie and Falco, she decides to go with them and reunite with the other soldiers who have rallied to oppose the Rumbling. After the Warriors’ defeat, they officially form an alliance with renegade members of the Scouts, now under the control of the pro-Rumbling Jaegerists, in order to stop Eren from slaughtering humanity beyond Paradis Island.

Former members


War Chief



Warrior candidates

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