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This article is about the 2nd chapter of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga. For the character of the same name, see Wayne Eisner.

Quote1 If you tell me what you know, I'll forget about everything I saw here today. Quote2
— Annie Leonhart negotiates with the Pit Lidors patrons

Wayne Eisner (ウェイン・アイズナー Wein Aizunā?) is the 2nd chapter of the 1st volume and the 2nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji.


At the Pit Lidors tavern in Stohess District, Annnie Leonhart asks the patrons what they know about Carly Stratmann. After putting them in their place when they decide to become rowdy, the patrons explain that Carly frequently visited the Pit Lidors and was friendly to everyone there. They tell her that Carly often got angry when the patrons took the drug coderoin despite her casual attitude when they took other drugs. They suspect Carly may be involved in illegal activity, and a strange man also visited the tavern asking about her.

When the patrons are unable to give more answers, the bartender directs Annie to the neighborhood where Wayne Eisner, Carly's boyfriend, lives, saying that he may know more about her activities. After taking a moment to think on the task she must complete tomorrow, she heads to the neighborhood where Wayne lives. She gets Wayne's apartment block from some thugs she defeats in a fight, but after searching Wayne's home she finds coderoin and the corpse of Wayne himself beneath his bed. Before her search can be complete, an irritated neighbor comes to the door.


Annie and patrons

Annie asks the Pit Lidors patrons about Carly Stratmann

At the Pit Lidors tavern in Stohess District, some patrons become irritated at their lack of coderoin, an illegal drug. As one patron steals a pouch of the drug from another, Annie Leonhart arrives at the tavern. She sets the sketch of Carly Stratmann on the counter, asking the bartender if he knows her. The man denies knowing her, and Annie turns to ask the other patrons. Annie orders a limeade, amusing one of the coderoin-using patrons. She asks the patrons at the coderoin table about Carly Stratmann, and after a moment of silence they continue to tease her. Annie makes quick work of the patrons, sending them flying across the room and destroying a chair brandished at her with her signature high kick. She pins the biggest patron against the table, dislocating his shoulder as she takes his coderoin and sets it on the table.

Annie fights the patrons

Annie fights the Pit Lidors patrons

Using the coderoin as blackmail to get answers, Annie asks them again about Carly. She promises that if she is given answers, she will overlook their drug use. One patron tells her that Carly frequently visited the Pit Lidors to buy beers for the patrons and dance with them, becoming loved by all the regulars for her generosity. They say that she disappeared ten days ago, noting that she had become angry at times before her disappearance whenever she saw someone using coderoin. Strangely, she showed no such anger when other drugs were being used by the patrons. They suspect that Carly may be involved in some illegal activity, which would explain her financial independence despite being unemployed. The patrons also note that a strange man with an artificial eye visited the tavern asking about her whereabouts. Annie prods them for information about the man, and the bartender tells her that they honestly know nothing more on the subject. The bartender tells Annie that Wayne Eisner, Carly's boyfriend, may know more about the matter, and he tells her about his home in South Aachen Avenue, a shady neighborhood. As Annie leaves, she puts the large patron's shoulder back into its place. She asks the bartender how he knows about Carly and Wayne, to which he responds that bartenders pick up such bits of information over time even if they are not wanted.

Annie's guilt

Annie remembers all the blood on her hands

While eating outside, Annie plays with a stray cat while thinking back on her time in the 104th Training Corps when she first began to spar with Eren Yeager. She wonders why she chooses to play a soldier now despite speaking against such things years ago. She wonders if it is to keep herself from thinking about the next day's mission. Thoughts of her mission bring to mind the aftermath of the battle in Trost District and those who died because of her.

Wayne's corpse

Annie finds Wayne Eisner's corpse

Picking up a ride to South Aachen Avenue, she pays for a part of her fee, promising to pay back the rest on her return. A group of thugs approaches her as she enters the neighborhood and begin to taunt her. She quickly defeats the group, and they give her Wayne's address, Block 225. When she comes to his home, the door is unlocked. She decides to search Wayne's home for any clues about Carly, and she comes across a drawer full of coderoin pouches beneath his bed. Searching further beneath his bed, she finds Wayne Eisner's corpse. She knocks over some glasses of liquor as she stumbles back in shock, irritating a neighbor with the noise. As she realizes that she did not lock the door, the neighbor begins turning the doorknob.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Annie Leonhart
  2. Lou Meade
  3. Carly Stratmann (flashback)
  4. Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann (flashback)
  5. Eren Yeager (flashback)
  6. Marco Bolt (killed in flashback)
  7. Wayne Eisner (killed)