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Wellspring of the Restoration (再起の濫觴 Saiki no Ranshō?) is the 3rd chapter of the 12th volume and the 43rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


The new three month training regimen for the Survey Corps is established. While Rosa and her friends are taken back by how difficult the training is, Carlo tells his father that he has some reservations as well about some of the trainees.


Jorge, Cardina, and Kuklo are introduced to the trainees

As a new group of trainees assembles at the academy, Carlo Pikale begins to address them. He thanks them all for applying to the program in order to join the Survey Corps, but explicitly states the next three months of training will decide if they are truly worthy of joining. After asking if anyone wishes to reconsider, Carlo introduces Jorge as the instructor as well as Kuklo and Cardina as his assistants. Rosa and Kai are initially confused as to why Kuklo is being called a different name, but Felix tells them to be quiet. Carlo affirms the training and drills they will undertake will teach them how to properly fight against Titans and salutes them, expressing hope he will see them join the Corps.

Jorge asks Carlo about the trainees

Jorge takes over and immediately instructs each trainee to get a knapsack and then follow Kuklo, who takes off running. As the trainees start the logistics exercise, Felix realizes each knapsack has been filled with sandbags. Rosa starts to fall behind but insists that she is fine, wanting to prove to her friends (and herself) that she is qualified to joining. Back at the academy, Carlo tells his father that many of the trainees do not fit the mold of typical Survey Corps members, but Jorge counters that the device will be ill-suited for large, bulky soldiers. Jorge then asks Carlo if he will be capable of using the device as well; Carlo smirks and reminds his father that he started young and was able to switch training regimens, causing Jorge to admonish Carlo.

After at least two hours of running, the trainees are showing fatigue and Felix laments that due to not knowing the final destination, they are unable to properly stay hydrated. Just then, Rosa faints from dehydration behind them; the others wonder if they have failed the test and debate who will go back. Ivo volunteers while Hugo carries Rosa. That night, Rosa wakes up and remembers she passed out during the exercise and worries that she is unable to join; just then, Kuklo comes in with some food for her. When asked about earlier being called a different name, Kuklo says it was an alias and that him and Cardina are technically supposed to be dead.

The trainees scuffle

Rosa begs that her friends do not get punished for failing the test with her, but Kuklo brushes her concerns aside since they will be judged over the course of three months. Rosa's spirit is lifted but is surprised to hear her friends are in the guardhouse: several trainees were mocking Rosa and her friends' performance earlier in the day, causing Felix to punch one in the face and sparking a big fight in the mess hall. As Rosa goes to see them, Kuklo thinks that while the training will get harder from here on out, they willingly volunteered and are determined to face the threat of the Titans.

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