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The White Titan (白の巨人 Shiro no Kyojin?) is the Titan form of Shikishima.


The most notable feature of the White Titan is the all-encompassing layer of plated, armor-like segments of hardened skin protecting its body. This armor is capable of protecting the Titan from significant amounts of damage. Despite this increased durability, there are segments of raw skin in-between the armor plating that glow a reddish purple color and can still be attacked or damaged.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2


The White Titan crushes several soldiers

After Eren is discovered to be the holder of a Titan ability and is chained up within a Military Police stronghold to be executed, the White Titan suddenly appears to the shock of the soldiers present. It quickly eliminates many of them from both the Military Police and the Scout Regiment, crushing several underfoot and sustaining no visible damage. While the surviving soldiers are forced to take cover from debris falling from the tower and the swinging attacks from the Titan, they notice it was able to escape with Eren after the latter is freed from his bonds.


The White Titan destroys two regular Titans at once

Some time later, it is revealed that the White Titan is the Titan form of Scout Regiment captain Shikishima. He reveals the secret behind the Titans to Eren but the two eventually come to blows in regards to handling the Titan threat in Monzen; this causes the captain to transform and attack the other Scout Regiment soldiers present. When several other Titans appear nearby, the White Titan easily punches through the head of one and tears out the spine of the other before focusing on Eren who transformed into his Titan form; the White Titan lands a severe kick to the side of the Mysterious Titan's head and is able to cause damage to both the arms as well. The White Titan continues attacking but is eventually overpowered by Eren's Titan using superior fighting abilities.


The White Titan lunges towards the Colossal Titan

Upon being defeated, the White Titan notices one of the bombs nearby that had malfunctioned and that Eren and the soldiers are fighting against the Colossal Titan that has reappeared. It grabs the bomb and then climbs up the Wall in a frenzied state; letting out a roar, it leaps from the Wall and jams the bomb into the Colossal Titan's mouth. The bomb envelopes the White Titan in an explosion that also kills the Colossal Titan.[1]