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Wim (ヴィム Vimu?) is a former soldier of the Survey Corps who defected to join a group of rebels under Eren Yeager.


Wim has dark hair which he keeps cut in a crew cut. His civilian clothes consist of a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.


War for Paradis arc

Following Eren Yeager's arrest for disobeying orders, Wim is among the soldiers who leak the news of Eren's detainment to the press to pressure the military into releasing him. After they are caught, the perpetrators are all arrested and Hange Zoë says they will be prosecuted.[1]

The rebels are freed from their cells by guards who have also sided with Eren and rendezvous with Eren himself outside of the city. Eren declares that their next objective will be to find and team up with Zeke.[2]

The group receives word from a Marleyan that Hange has arrived at the restaurant he is working at and storm the restaurant to capture her and the other Survey Corps officers that are with her. When Hange refuses to tell them where Zeke is, they take all of the officers captive and depart for Shiganshina District.[3]

After Eren begins the Rumbling in Shiganshina, Wim helps an injured Floch Forster return to Shiganshina's military headquarters, where the Yeagerists detain the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers.[4]



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