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Winter is Coming, So Let's Dance (冬来たりなば踊ってみよう Fuyukitarinaba Odotte Miyou?) is the 1st chapter of the 7th volume and the 47th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


It is winter, but Eren and the other students are surprised when the weather seems to fluctuate between hot and cold frequently. Eren again accuses the Titans of trying to intentionally give them all colds and once more is ridiculed by the others. However, as both Hange and Levi have noted, there actually has been a drastic increase of steam and heat this year from the Titans. What could be the cause of this?


Winter arrives and many of the students comment on how cold it has become. While they talk about their different winter clothes and accessories, a nearby Titan walks by and they are soon overtaken by a heat wave. Moments after they discard their winter coats, Eren complains about how it is freezing once again. While Sasha and Connie take the opportunity to go and cook some yams, another Titan appears and their campfire starts to get out of control, causing Sasha to frantically try and put it out with cans of water. Eren comments how it appears that the heat is coming from the Titan's bodies.

Elsewhere in school, Petra, Oluo, Eld and Gunther are sitting down for a warm meal when a Titan walks past. This causes the room, which had a window open for ventilation, to rapidly heat up and they are forced to take their clothes off, too; Eld and Gunther try to look away from Petra disrobing and Oluo gets a severe nosebleed. Outside, Reiner disrobes and sits underneath a waterfall to build up his fortitude and resistance to the cold frigid air. He mentally does it to one day protect Krista but it warms up once a Titan joins in nearby. After Class 4 arrive and both Sasha and Connie begin playing in the water, Reiner becomes frustrated and gives up on his efforts.

All the constant changes in the weather and temperature soon gives the students colds and fevers. Eren becomes upset once more with the Titans and is surprised when Armin mentions that much of the faculty and instructors have come down with colds as well. Hange and Levi arrive and reveal that while Titans do give off levels of heat to cool themselves, it was never this bad during the winter months. Eren absentmindedly believes the Titans to be doing this as a form of bio warfare and Hange tells him he is an idiot. While Levi agrees, he does note that the Titans are acting different than usual.

Still believing his theory to be right, Eren takes Armin and Mikasa with him to explore the Titan forest. Thinking of several possible reasons for the Titans to be giving off steam, an earthquake occurs; this is actually revealed to be a group of Titans wildly dancing in the forest. Armin proposes that this is how the Titans are handling the colder temperatures and thus the reason they are letting off the increased steam. Eren proposes that they need to get the Titans to stop and then defeat them by removing their brains. having heard enough of his nonsense, Mikasa grabs him and slams him to the ground, while Armin tells Eren to stop and listen to his plan.

Eren reveals himself in the clearing and gets the Titan's attention by issuing a dance-off. Armin is pleased to have Eren do something that does not involve attacking Titans, but Mikasa reveals that Eren is unable to actually dance. Eventually, he gives up and instead begins doing exercise routines to try and fool the Titans into thinking it is actually the middle of summer. Soon, the Titans begin mimicking his movements and doing aerobic exercises, cutting down the amount of steam and heat they would otherwise be giving off. As a result, Mr. Smith reveals there now will be daily aerobics that all the students will perform, something that causes Eren to reconsider if what he did was the right thing to do after all.

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