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This article is about the thirteenth chapter of the manga. For the twelfth epiode of the anime, see Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8.

Quote1.png What happened to avenging your mother?! You're going to exterminate the Titans, remember?! The bastards that killed your mother! Quote2.png
— Armin tries to bring Eren back to his senses

Wound ( Kizu?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 3rd volume and the 13th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Eren's Titan strikes a blow at Mikasa and misses, shocking the Garrison squad. Rico shoots a red flare, signaling the mission to be a failure. In the end, they settle with defending Eren's position by killing off nearby Titans. Before Mikasa follows them, she notices that Eren's hands have not regenerated yet. Soon enough, Armin finds Eren and plans to wake him up. Mikasa states that it is futile, but Armin decides on trying anyway. Armin announces that she should focus on her mission, so Mikasa entrusts Eren to him. Armin reminds Eren of his goal to exterminate the Titans, which Eren absentmindedly forgets.


While on top of the Wall, one of Pixis' soldiers reports what has happened. They managed to lure the Titans into one corner of the Wall, but not without losing about twenty percent of their men. Pixis clarifies that they died because he gave the order. However, he says that he will gladly be branded a mass murderer from these actions if it means that humanity will be saved.

Eren in a hazy state continues to attack Mikasa, then punches himself

Back at the boulder, Eren, in Titan form, has seemingly lost his mind and is attacking the soldiers assigned to escort him. Mikasa jumps out of the way, narrowly missing Eren's attack but receiving a scar on her right cheek in the process. The rest of the soldiers move in and Mikasa runs up Eren's arm and tries to talk some sense into him. With Mikasa directly in front of his face, he tries to attack. However, she dodges and he only succeeds in nearly decapitating himself, falling back on the boulder. Rico, considering the mission a failure, fires off a red flare signaling the complications. As Eren is incapacitated, two Titans approach the group. Mitabi tells Ian that they should retreat, which causes Mikasa to give a sharp look in disapproval.

Pixis and the others see the flare. A couple of officers suggest pulling out and cutting their losses, but he rejects the proposal, hoping that the team escorting Eren can sort things out and accomplish the mission. When Armin sees the smoke, he rushes to his friends.

Back on the rooftops, Ian and his team discuss their options. When Mitabi and Rico propose fleeing for the Wall and leaving Eren, Mikasa draws her sword out but is stopped by Ian. Ian then directs the team to deal with the two approaching Titans; they must protect Eren until he is able to get up. He argues that the potential he represents for humanity is too great to just leave him there and abandon the mission, which causes a conflict with Rico. Angry, Ian asks her how they should handle it and how they should defeat the Titans. Now on the spot, Rico sheepishly admits that she does not know of a way. He then lays out the situation and their duties, even if it means dying because of it. Despondent, Rico agrees and walks away. As Ian leaves to deal with one of the Titans, Mikasa thanks him. He tells her that he was scared, as he did not know what she was going to do before he stopped her. He then states that there is no way they can continue with the initial plan, which will give her a chance to use her skill in killing Titans, as she will be protecting the one she loves. She blushes and tells him that he is family. She looks down at Eren; he still has not regenerated. She worries if the damage he had already taken is putting too much strain on him or if he can even return to his normal form. She tries to focus, realizing that she can only do her job at the moment.

Armin attempts to bring Eren back

Eren, finally showing signs of slowly regenerating, does not seem to know what is going on. Suddenly, he imagines that he is sitting in his old house, with his father, mother and a younger Mikasa. Armin shows up and tries to rouse Eren. Meanwhile, the soldiers are dealing with the Titans that have wandered close to the area. With more coming, Ian orders Mikasa to take care of the Titan closing in on Eren. Making short work of it, she sees even more on their way. She panics as she comes to the conclusion that they must be drawn towards Eren. Seeing Armin down near Eren, she tells him to leave as Eren is not himself and more Titans are on their way. Inquiring about the plan, Mikasa tells him it failed, now they are just protecting Eren and will probably die.

Thinking back to how Eren emerged from the Titan's weak spot, he gets an idea. Measuring out the area, he tells Mikasa that he is going to get Eren out of there and to keep the Titans off of him until then. Nervous but trying to keep steady, he drives the blade into the nape of the Titan and hits Eren's arm, immediately getting a reaction. Mikasa, worried, tells Armin that the plan is crazy to which he replies that she should leave and that he will take care of Eren. Yelling down at the Titan, he attempts to get Eren's attention. He tells him about the situation and says that they need to leave. Eren seems barely conscious. Armin tries to bring him around by reminding him about his mother and his vow of wiping out all the Titans. It is all to no avail; Eren is stuck in the illusion of his old home with his family.

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