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Quote1 Eren...answer me.... Even though just one step outside the Wall lies a hellish world...and even though it might mean dying a gruesome death like my parents...why did you want to venture into the outside world?! Quote2
— Armin brings Eren to his senses

Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8 (傷 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑧― Kizu -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (8)-?) is the 12th episode of the 1st season and the 12th episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Eren's sudden assault causes conflict among the Garrison elite squad, though Ian believes it is best to defend Eren at all costs. Meanwhile, the cadets continue to distract the Titans in the city, though Jean's ODM gear malfunctions and he is cornered.

Seeing flares signalling failure, Armin travels to Eren and speaks to him by cutting into his Titan's nape, reminding him of his dreams to see the outside world. His willpower rekindled, Eren's Titan begins to heal its wounds.


Mikasa tries to talk to Eren

Mikasa tries to talk to Eren

The plan to lure Titans to the corner of Trost continues, even though the soldiers try to avoid combat as much as possible, a fifth of the men are lost. Commander Dot Pyxis, however, states that the soldiers do not die on their own as his orders are what send them to their death. Saying that this is a critical point in mankind's survival, Pyxis declares that as long as humans manage to live on, he does not mind being called a murderer.

At the boulder, Mikasa manages to dodge Eren's punches and much to the rest of the team's surprise, she hangs herself at Eren's face in an attempt to talk to him. Meanwhile, Rico shoots a red signal flare as a message that the plan has failed. Seeing Eren getting ready to launch another attack, Ian warns Mikasa to get away from him just as Eren punches his own head as Mikasa manages to evade. The elite team then, much to Mikasa's discontent, discuss leaving Eren there and retreating.

Angered Mikasa

Mikasa's reaction to the thought of abandoning Eren

On top the Walls, the soldiers witness the red signal flare. Seeing this, Armin decides to head to their location. A soldier then proposes focusing on defending and calling off the elite team, however, Pyxis orders them to continue luring the Titans and puts all his trust into the elite team, saying that they will not give up so easily.

Meanwhile, Mitabi decides to retreat, however, an angered Mikasa heads his way, just to be stopped by Ian. He then orders them to take down the Titans nearing to their place, surprising everyone. He claims that Eren cannot be abandoned as he represents a precious possibility for mankind.

Rico's resolve

Rico expresses her resolve

Elsewhere, Jean reaches the Wall and questions Eren's state. Marco replies that Armin is headed there alone and hopes that they will be fine. Conny expresses his doubts about the plan and asks whether the soldiers who have died die in vain, but Jean just says that they must preserve their numbers as it will later become an all out war. Conny just replies that they should try not to become casualties themselves. Elsewhere, the elite team argues about retreating, but in the end decides to follow the plan as Rico states that she will show them how dreadful humans can be. Mikasa gives her thanks to Ian, but he replies that there is no need and orders her to defend her "lover," which makes Mikasa blush and say that he is her family.

Armin arrives

Armin witnesses Eren's situation

Mikasa then notices that Eren's wounds are not regenerating and begins to wonder if it is because of injuries from the last fight. She questions whether Eren will be able to return to his human form, but stops herself as it is not something she can figure out by thinking. Meanwhile, Armin is seen running on top of the Wall, wondering what happened. Inside of the Titan, Eren is seen being barely conscious, not knowing where he is nor what he is doing. He then gets a vision of him being at home, being able to see his parents and Mikasa. At that time, Armin arrives just to see injured Eren in his Titan form.

Elsewhere, Jean, Conny, Annie and other soldiers receive orders to lure the Titans to the corner of the Wall and as they see explosions of dust, they head out. Back to the elite team, Mikasa saves Mitabi by killing one of the Titans, but then they see more Titans coming in, much to their surprise. Mikasa then realizes that it is Eren who is luring all the Titans in. She notices Armin who asks about the plan and Eren's state and tells him that Eren is unable to control the Titan. Believing that Eren coming out of Titan's weak point back then is related to the mystery of Titans, Armin stabs the Titan's nape, leading the blade through Eren's left arm inside of the Titan. He tells Mikasa to defend everyone from the Titans and then attempts to talk to Eren. However, Eren, in his vision, sees Armin from outside of the window and does not understand Armin's words. At that moment, he remembers about joining the Scout Regiment. Meanwhile, the elite team along with Mikasa continue their attempts at defeating all the Titans who attempt to reach Eren.

Eren exclaims seeing the outside world is his birthright

Eren exclaims seeing the outside world is his birthright

In the streets below the Wall, Jean, Annie and Conny continue their mission. While Annie and Conny manage to reach the Wall, Jean's omni-directional mobility gear breaks, and all he can do is run away on foot. He hides himself inside of a building and through a window, he spots a corpse of a soldier still wearing their omni-directional mobility gear. Meanwhile, Armin continues talking to Eren, asking him if he remembers that they want to explore the outside world. He questions his motives for doing so and Eren answers that it is because he was born to this world, just as his vision erupts in flames and the Titan with Eren inside wakes up.

Currently Publicly Available Information

The ODM Gear's Body Weight Transfer Equipment


Users must shift their entire weight to one side of their hips or the other. This permits acrobatic movement, but heavily taxes the muscles.

ODM Gear Training


For this reason, instructors will deliberately cut student lifelines to gauge reactions. While unsafe, anyone who dies during training would be unable to fight the Titans anyway.

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