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Xaver (クサヴァー Kusavā?)[2] is an Eldian living in Liberio as an honorary Marleyan, and the mentor of Zeke Yeager.


Xaver has short dark hair and wears glasses identical to the ones Zeke Yeager would later wear.


Xaver is close to Zeke and they played baseball together when Zeke was a child. When Zeke turned his parents in, Xaver was shown comforting the boy.


When Zeke Yeager sided with the Public Security Authorities and exposed his parents Grisha and Dina as Eldia Restorationists, Xaver was with Zeke and his grandparents as the two Restorationists were detained and taken away.[3]

Sometime around the year 845, Zeke began wearing glasses identical to Xaver's.[4]


After Zeke loses his glasses in a battle against Levi in the Titan Forest, he remembers his time with Xaver and then reminds himself that he has a mission to do.[2]