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Xavi Inocencio (シャビィ・イノセンシオ Shabī Inosenshio?) is a student at Attack Junior High School and the older brother of Sharle Inocencio.


Xavi has large eyes and short, curly hair at the start of the manga. As the story progresses, his hair becomes straighter. He wears a light shirt with a popped collar, dark pants with a scarf as a belt, and light shoes.


Xavi is overprotective of his sister, Sharle Inocencio. He will yell at Kuklo for hanging out with Sharle. He can also get very jealous when he sees girls giving Cardina Baumeister attention.


On the day that Xavi and his sister, Sharle Inocencio arrive at their new school, Sharle bumps into a Titan. The Titan is about to grab Sharle, when Kuklo intercepts and saves Sharle. When he rushes over to see if his sister is all right, he notices Kuklo eating the bread Sharle had and asks Sharle if Kuklo gave her goatpox. When Sharle tries to explain how Kuklo saved her, Xavi denies it and says that Kuklo is covered in fleas and mediocrity. Xavi then accuses Kuklo of rescuing Sharle only because he has eyes on her maidenhood and punches him, knocking him over. When Sharle asks what happened, Kuklo said that he did not have the energy to fight Xavi.[1]


  • Sharle Inocencio - Sharle is Xavi's sister. He is overprotective of her.
  • Kuklo - Xavi dislikes Kuklo because he is a hobo. Xavi does not trust Kuklo after he saves Sharle from a Titan and accuses Kuklo of being after Sharle's maidenhood.
  • Cardina Baumeister - Xavi is incredibly jealous of Cardina's overwhelming popularity at school with girls; he often would try to sabotage his efforts in order to make himself look more appealing.