Quote1 Their one and only purpose for now must be to put Zeke and Eren in contact with one another. Then, they'll purge the Corps with Eren at their center. Quote2
— Hange theorizes on the Yeagerists' plan[1]

The Yeagerists (イェーガー派 Yēgā-ha?) are a rebel group consisting primarily of former soldiers from the Paradis military, mostly from the Survey Corps.[2] Their goal is to reunite Eren Yeager with his half-brother Zeke,[1] and to create the "New Eldian Empire" (新生エルディア帝国 Shinsei Erudia Teikoku?).[3]


After Eren Yeager was revealed to be in possession of the Founding Titan, many called on him to use his abilities to fight against the nation of Marley, who were behind the failed Paradis Island Operation that took place over the course of several years, as well as any other foreign agressors. Believing that military action will better secure Eldia's future, they renounced the diplomatic and passive path set forth by the military and swore allegiance to Eren. Seeing him as a proper leader, they agreed with the "Rumbling" plan set forth by Eren and his older half-brother Zeke and vowed to make it come to pass, regardless of the cost.


The group consists of at least a hundred members,[4] many of them from the Survey Corps.[2]


Marley arc

It is believed that the initial formation of the Yeagerists was around the time when Zeke Yeager presented to Paradis Island the plan to rescue the Eldian people whose existence is threatened. This plan involves awakening the Titans sleeping within the Walls in a process known as "The Rumbling." [5] Later on, Eren would begin to act on his own while defying the military that intended to betray Zeke Yeager by feeding him to Historia upon his arrival to Paradis.[6] At some point, many people began to see Eren as their savior who could save the Eldian Empire.[3]

The group steadily increases in size and waits for the right moment to strike. After Eren infiltrated Marley and the resulting Battle of Liberio, Eren is arrested for his actions and causing the deaths of several Survey Corps soldiers. Word spreads about his imprisonment and the four who leaked the story are arrested as well, while protesters demand that Eren be released.[7] Eventually, several members plan a coordinated bombing on the central military headquarters.

Eren meets with his followers

Eren meets with the Yeagerists

Placing a bomb in a chair of Commander Darius Zackly, three members went undercover as part of the new Survey Corps recruits and placed it in his office. They later trigger the bomb, killing Zackly and several members of the Military Police;[8] at roughly the same time, Eren used his newly granted powers of the War Hammer Titan to tunnel his way out of his cell and sealed his escape route so he could not be followed.[9] While this happened, the other members freed Eren's allies and escaped the prison as well. Regrouping out in the mountains, Eren meets with his followers and declares he will locate Zeke.[10]

After Eren's escape, the top military officials meet with Dot Pixis who believes the Yeagerists will target anyone who knows where Zeke is being held and then capture Queen Historia, who could act as a replacement for Zeke. Pixis then declares they will negotiate with Eren using Zeke's location and grudgingly decides to disregard their assassination of Darius Zackly in order to avoid more deaths, stating it is a cheap price to pay.[11]

The Yeagerists later storm into a restaurant to attain the location of Zeke Yeager from Hange after receiving word from a Marleyan. The Yeagerists then capture those present at the restaurant including several officers of the Survey Corps and the Blouse family before departing to the Shiganshina District.[12]