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Rulers of the Subjects of Ymir
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Unknown Unknown, eventually Karl Fritz
Founding Titans
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Quote1 1,820 years ago, our ancestor, Ymir Fritz...made a contract with the Earth Devil for power. The power of the Titans. Quote2
— Mr. Yeager tells his son of Ymir's tale[3]

Ymir Fritz (ユミル・フリッツ Yumiru Furittsu?) was the progenitor of the Eldians.[4] When she was a young girl, she awakened the power of the Titans and became the first Titan, the Founding Titan.[3][5] Thirteen years later, she died and her soul was split into the Nine Titans.[3][6]


In all illustrations depicting Ymir Fritz, she is shown as a young girl wearing white robes. In the book Frieda Reiss reads to Historia, Ymir is dark-haired, whereas in the book Mr. Yeager reads to Grisha, she is fair-haired.

In her Titan form, Ymir appears to have had blonde hair. Little else can be said about her Titan form, since all depictions of her in old books and illustrations appear to be highly romanticized.


Being a subject of ancient history, little is known about who Ymir truly was as a person. When reading about her story to Historia, Frieda Reiss describes her as a kind girl who is always thinking of others, as well as lady-like.[2] Additionally, Eldians, such as Grisha Yeager in his youth, speak of Ymir with great reverence, praising her accomplishments for their people.[7] On the other hand, the Marleyan propaganda maintains that Ymir was a pawn of the Devil, whom she had made a deal with and caused her and all her subjects to be despised by much of the world.[3][8]


Ymir's Founding Titan

Ymir, the first Titan

Over 1,820 years ago, Ymir Fritz somehow gained the power of the Titans. According to Eren Kruger, this was done when she came into contact with the "source of all living matter" as a young girl. With this power, Ymir became the progenitor of all Titans.[3][5] The power of her Titan, the Founding Titan, was the coordinating point linking unseen "paths" which united the minds of her people, the Subjects of Ymir.[9] What she accomplished with her powers is unknown, but after 13 years Ymir met her death, and her "soul" was split between nine successors who went on to build the Eldian Empire.[3] Afterwards, all inheritors of her power would be doomed to die after 13 years as she did, in a phenomena that would later be known as the "Curse of Ymir." No Titan would possess more power than Ymir had possessed in life.[6] In her life, she had three daughters: Maria, Rose, and Sheena.[10]

Ymir Fritz makes a deal with the Devil

Marleyan interpretation of Ymir

Some time after her death, Ymir's existence was hailed as a god-given miracle. Many would claim that as the Founding Titan, she used her Titan power to cultivate barren lands, build roads across the lands, and raise bridges through the mountains of the world,[11] though these claims could never be supported.[5] On the other hand, after the fall of the Eldian Empire in the Great Titan War, the new Marley government would spread slanderous legends that Ymir's power was derived from the "Devil of All Earth."[3]

Ymir Fritz's story

"Krista" in Frieda's storybook

Many centuries later, Frieda Reiss, a descendant of Ymir, visits her half-sister Historia on the farm where she is raised. During some of her visits, Frieda tells Historia the story of Ymir's deal with the Devil; however, in this book, Ymir is named "Krista."[1] Frieda advises Historia that she must be lady-like, as "Krista" was. She speaks of "Krista" as being an altruistic girl, and urges Historia to be loving and beloved like her when she is grown. However, Historia does not remember these visits, since Frieda always used the Founding Titan to erase her memories after every encounter. Historia would only recall vague images of "Krista"'s story in the years to come.[12][13]


Return to Shiganshina arc

Nine Titans

Ymir Fritz stands above the Nine Titans

Some years later, when the Survey Corps discovers Grisha Yeager's basement, they find three journals.[14] Within Grisha's writings, he recounts his childhood when he was told the story of Ymir and her people by his father.[15] Grisha writes of joining the Eldian Restorationists in the nation of Marley several years afterward, learning of the supposed great accomplishments achieved in Ymir's time. Together with the resistance, Grisha declares that they must venture to Paradis Island, where Ymir's descendants had fled eighty years ago, in order to retrieve the Founding Titan and bring back the nation of Eldia.[16]


  • Ymir is a primeval being in Norse mythology who is the progenitor of all jötnar (giants). "Ymir" also means "the scream." Both are appropriate to Ymir Fritz, as she was the progenitor of all Titans ("giants" in the original Japanese) and possessed the power of the Founding Titan, which is used by screaming.
  • In Frieda's storybook, Ymir is named "Krista."[1]


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