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Youth is Like Fireworks (青春は花火のように Seishun wa Hanabi no you ni?) is the opening of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, and is sung by singer-songwriter REVO of Linked Horizon.


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Sora o yuku tori yo Senjō ni chita?
Sono hanabira wa nani iro nano ka?
Taai mo nai (rabu mo areba)
Taisetsu na mono (kome mo aru)

Torimodoshi tai to Kimi wa negatta
Spin-off! Spin-off! Spin-off! School life!

Fujōri na kōsoku Murina kōsoku
Torikago no doa keri yabutte
Tobidasu seishun Tora no isshun o

Baka sawagi saiten Kiseki wa saite
Yosora o mau hanabi no you ni
Asayaka na

Kiseki o egaku

Aa shingeki!
Shingeki! Chugakkou!


空を征く鳥よ 戦場に散った
他愛もなに (ラブもあれば)
大切な物もの (コメもある)

取り戻したいと 君は願った
Spin-off! Spin-off! Spin-off! School life!

不条理な校則 無理な拘束
飛び出す青春 永遠の一瞬を

ばか騒ぎ祭典 奇跡は咲いて


嗚呼 進撃!


War against drowsiness, junior high classes!

O bird, ruling the skies
What was the color of those flower petals
Which scattered across the battle field?
It's something silly (If there's love)
But is just as important (There'll be comedy)

Something you had wished to regain
Spin-off! Spin-off! Spin-off! School life!

Kick apart the door of the cage-like classroom
Of absurd school rules and unreasonable restrictions
The sudden youth lasts for an eternal moment

A festival of fooling around, with miracles blooming
Like the fireworks dancing in the night sky
We will paint down
Our vivid footprints

Ah, advance!
Attack! Junior High School!


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Attack on Titan Junior High - Official Opening - Seishun wa Hanabi no you ni

Attack on Titan Junior High - Official Opening - Seishun wa Hanabi no you ni

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