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Zeek’s Plan is the 13th track on the "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Original Soundtrack, as well as the 13th track on disc 1 of the "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Original Soundtrack Complete Album. It was composed and arranged by Kohta Yamamoto.

All occurrences[]

  • Episode 63 - Commander Magath and Willy Tybur chat at night
  • Episode 67 - Gabi boards the airship
  • Episode 71 - Eren escapes prison and joins the Jaegerists
  • Episode 72 - Artur Braus makes the "children of the forest" speech
  • Episode 74 - In a flashback, Zeke tries harder to become a Warrior candidate
  • Episode 75 - Pieck and Eren talk
  • Episode 76 - General Magath and Pieck discuss the conditions for activating the Founding Titan's powers
  • Episode 78:
    • Zeke screams
    • Eren awakens in the Paths
  • Episode 82 - The people of Paradis rally behind Eren
  • Episode 85 - The Scouts rendezvous at the port
  • Special 2 and Episode 91 - Armin is taken by a okapi-shaped Titan