Quote1 We only have one goal. To recover the Coordinate and put an end to this cursed history. Let's...end this. I want to end all this, with us. Quote2
— Zeke restates the Warriors' plan and his personal hope[3]

Zeke (ジーク Jīku?) is the War Chief (戦士長 Senshi-chō?) of the Warriors. He has the ability to transform into the Beast Titan.


Human form

In his human form, Zeke has a tall, broad, well-toned body with shaggy blond hair and a matching mustache that descends down into his beard. He was seen wearing loose pants with circular glasses and no shirt on.

Titan form

In his Titan form, Zeke is an extremely unusual specimen, having a distinct, ape-like appearance. Its body structure and facial features are like that of a human's and it walks upright like one as well. It stands at a previously unseen 17 meters in height. Dark fur covers the large majority of its body, with the exception of its face, hands, feet, and torso. Its arms are also elongated, with long fingers and fully-functional thumbs. The proportions of its upper body are similar to those of the Colossal Titan, possessing a massive chest and small head, as well as disproportionately long arms.


Zeke is a very intelligent and curious individual. He tries to communicate with Miche Zacharius in order to get information about the omni-directional mobility gear and learn about Miche's language. He has the traits of a leader, giving orders and telling other Titans what to do. If his orders are not followed, he does not hesitate on using brute force, seen when he crushes the head of the Titan that is eating Miche when it disobeys him. Zeke also appears very careless of the serious nature of his actions, casually strolling away while Miche screams his last dying breath as he is ripped apart on his order.[2]


Zeke's identity and motives are unknown, but it is hypothesized by Ymir that he has an affiliation with the Warriors, indicating he hails from their hometown. Reiner and Bertholdt appear to have a history with Zeke, as indicated by their shock and awe upon seeing his Beast Titan appear during the Wall Rose invasion.[1]


Clash of the Titans arc

The Beast Titan leading Titans

The Beast Titan transforms the citizens of Ragako into Titans and leads them in an attack on Wall Rose

Zeke infiltrates Wall Rose and somehow transforms the citizens of Ragako village into Titans. He then leads them in an attack within Wall Rose. He is later spotted wandering around by Miche Zacharius, who instantly notes the strangeness of his characteristics, mistaking him for an Abnormal. Noticing Miche, Zeke grabs his horse as it is returning to him, crushes it, and launches it at him, preventing his escape and throwing him from the roof he was on. After Miche falls to the mouth of a Titan, Zeke orders the Titan to withhold on eating him so that it can question Miche about the omni-directional mobility gear.

The Beast Titan picks up Miche's horse

The Beast Titan grabs Miche's horse

However, the Titan disobeys him and he crushes its head to release Miche. Zeke then proceeds to interrogate Miche, but as he neglects to respond out of shock, Zeke theorizes that they speak the same language but Miche is simply too frightened to speak. He also notes how he uses swords, indicating that the soldiers of the Walls are aware that the nape is the weak spot on Titans, and removes Miche's equipment for further inspection. After stealing the equipment he hears Miche's cries of defiance, and allows the surrounding Titans to devour Miche. As Miche screams in horror and pain Zeke is amused to see that he could in fact talk. He then leaves the grounds contemplating the ODM gear ignoring Miche's screams.[2]

The Beast Titan atop Wall Rose

The Beast Titan observes the Scouts surrounded in Utgard Castle

Zeke is later seen again wandering around outside Utgard Castle where several members of the Scout Regiment are trapped by Titans, despite them being usually inactive at night. He then climbs up Wall Rose and watches the Titans surrounding the tower from a distance.[4] After the Scouts kill most of the larger Titans, Zeke begins throwing large stones at the tower, killing Lynne and Henning along with their remaining horses. Shortly afterward, twice as many Titans begin to advance while Zeke roars at them from atop Wall Rose. Nanaba notices the unusually strategic method in their attacks, indicating that Zeke is controlling the other Titans actions. As the Titans swarm Utgard, Zeke descends the other side of Wall Rose.[5]

Two days later, Zeke stops in Shiganshina District and exits his Titan's body, seemingly anticipating something to come.[6]

The Uprising arc

The Beast Titan defeats the Armored Titan

The Beast Titan defeats the Armored Titan

While waiting in Shiganshina District, Zeke eventually meets up with Bertholdt Hoover and Reiner Braun, who try to convince him to work with them to free their comrade Annie Leonhart from captivity. When he refuses, Reiner uses his Armored Titan to try to force him to help them, but the Beast Titan swiftly defeats him. As Bertholdt tries to remove Reiner's body from his Titan form, Zeke emerges from his Titan body, telling the two of them that they can rescue Annie after securing the Founding Titan. He then informs them of his plan to wait in Shiganshina to ambush the Scout Regiment in order to capture Eren and the Founding Titan.[3]

Return to Shiganshina arc

After settling their disagreement, the three Warriors begin waiting for the Scout Regiment atop Wall Maria. Zeke advises Reiner and Bertholdt not to worry about Annie, pointing out that the Scouts would not be able to torture her without triggering her Titan abilities and theorizing that she is likely only in hiding. Noting their dissatisfaction, he questions whether they have lost their resolve. He offers to fight Reiner again to decide what they will do next, but threatens to feed him to another Warrior if he loses again. When neither of them is willing to risk fighting him, Zeke proclaims that their sole objective is to regain the Coordinate in order to put an end to what he calls a "cursed history." The Cart Titan arrives shortly afterward to inform them of the Scouts' imminent arrival, and the three proceed to their designated posts to prepare for the upcoming battle.[7]

The Beast Titan appears

The Beast Titan appears with a horde of Titans

The next day, the Scout Regiment initiates its operation to retake Wall Maria. After Eren manages to seal the outer gate of Shiganshina, the Warriors launch their attack. After Reiner's failed attack and momentary downfall, Zeke transforms along with a horde of Titans outside the Wall and immediately throws a large boulder at the Wall's inner gate, destroying it so that the Scout Regiment's horses will not get over it. Having cut off the the only escape route for the soldiers and trapping them within Shiganshina, Zeke begins advancing toward the district with his army.[8] As he advances he roars, ordering smaller Titans to attack the Scout Regiment's horses while having the larger Titans form a circle around the entrance of Shiganshina District in order to prevent the soldiers from escaping.[9]

The Beast Titan's projectiles

The Beast Titan's projectiles

After some time, Zeke receives the signal to throw a barrel containing Bertholdt into Shiganshina in the form of a roar from Reiner's Titan form.[7] After sending Bertholdt over the Wall, Zeke begins assaulting the Scouts north of the district with a barrage of rocks. He muses about his first pitch being too high, and decides to go for a "perfect game." Each throw breaks the sound barrier and every soldier who is caught in the barrage is utterly mutilated, forcing Levi and the rest of the soldiers to retreat to the base of the Wall.

As he continues to throw projectiles, Zeke notices a large group of soldiers, led by Erwin Smith, riding toward him. Zeke notes that he had expected a better counterattack than a suicide charge, before throwing another barrage of rocks at them.[10]


Power of the Titans

Zeke is able to transform into a 17-meter Titan referred to as the Beast Titan (獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin?). He used this form when he transformed the inhabitants of Ragako. It is unknown how he gained his power. He retains his human mind even when transformed, allowing him to do delicate tasks, even speaking.

Some of his abilities are:

  • Speech and Titan Control: It is able to fluently speak without issue in its Titan form, casually talking to other Titans and giving them orders which they follow loosely.[2]
  • Regeneration: Just like all Titans, the Beast Titan has the ability to regenerate any wound on its body at a tremendous speed.
  • Enhanced Strength: He possesses immense physical strength, enough to pick up a horse or even break off large chunks from Wall Rose and hurl them at a great distance away, and throw a bombardment of rocks with devastating destructive capability, as well as creating a visible sonic boom when he lobs them, effectively throwing them faster than over 700 feet per second.
Beast Titan throws horse

The Beast Titan's accurate throw

  • Precision: The Beast Titan's throwing ability and great accuracy is second to none, seen when it accurately threw a horse at Miche and again when it lands a direct hit when tossing a boulder at Lynne and Henning from a great distance away atop Wall Rose.[5] It also seems to possess dexterous hands, as it managed to retrieve Miche's ODM gear without damaging him or the gear.[2]
  • Fighting Skills: He seems to be a very formidable fighter, since he was able to defeat the Armored Titan and inflict him considerable damage without sustaining any visible injury. According to Reiner, while Levi is indeed powerful, the former claims that he is no match for their War Chief. It is unknown if Zeke possesses some combat knowledge outside his Titan form.

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