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Zeke[1] is a mysterious man from the outskirts of the institute and a former student at Attack Junior High School.


Human Form

Zeke has light-colored, shaggy hair that descends into a beard and mustache. He wears glasses and is usually seen wearing a coat with an undershirt.

Titan Form

Zeke's Titan has a distinct ape-like appearance, with fur covering most of its body. It has long limbs with fully-functional thumbs. Its body proportions are similar to that of the Principal, with a small head and a massive torso, as well as having well-defined abs.



He created a Titan serum in order to become stronger and get revenge on his bullies. He also becomes immortal in the process and outlived his bullies. He seek people who fail the advancement test and inject them with the titan serum, turning them into titans. He can turn back into human while other Titans couldn't.

He appeared in front of Eren and attempted to inject him with the Titan serum; when Eren ran away from him, Zeke started to chase him but collapsed due to tiredness and his old age.



  1. Attack on Titan manga: Chapter 77 (p. 24) — As this character is not given any name or alias by any official manga source, this wiki uses the English translation of the name given to his manga counterpart for purposes of identification.